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The course will include emphasis on all skills that is Listening, reading, speaking and writing will help to improve target language and answer simple questions in written and oral form. Training student for proper and basic daily life situational phrases that would help to communicate in daily life setting.

Details about the course: The course will be introduced with:
1)Introduction of rules of pronunciation
2)Sounds of alphabets
3)Basic grammar
4)How to introduce themselves
8)Days of week and months

Learning outcome from the course: The student will be able to speak the target language, write a few lines in it and also will be able to read it and understand it, at the same time can listen and understand what is being said depending on the levels they enroll in.

Benefits of the course:1) Learning new language will opens a new horizon and dimension to your personality, can travel to different countries like France, Canada, etc.
2) Student can professionally work as a translator and teach language.
3) Settling in these countries and getting residential passport becomes easier as first perference is given to such candidates.

Batch Timings

Batches based on Age Selection


Access to a computer with internet communication
Notebook and Pen
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Arpita Bodke

Fsm Certified Teacher

Hey, I am Arpita Bodke. Completed my Masters degree in English literature. I have passed my DELF exam in French till B2 level. Currectly, pursing B.Ed. I have 3 years of teaching experience and 1 year of Online teaching, for French and English.

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