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English Plus

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Speech and Drama - Trinity Level 1

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 online language course in speech and voice production

Public Speaking Voice Diet - Level 1

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Class by - Suhas Mhatre

The art of drama unfolds a world of theatrical awe and wonder, which awakens creativity and innovation among young impressionable minds. At Furtados School of Music, we aspire to push students to reach great heights in their learning pursuits by unfolding a plethora of opportunities that pave their way towards a brighter future. In the wake of restrained social guidelines along with the increase of remote engagements, we are navigating towards a virtual world by embracing digital methods of learning. These unconventional methods have unfurled new possibilities in diverse avenues, which creates distinct learning opportunities for every ardent learner. Our acting school is one such learning avenue that brings creativity to life, as we witness highly enthusiastic minds get on their feet and bring out the best version of themselves by exploring different aspects of their personality.


What is unique about our acting classes?


  • We offer a diverse range of acting lessons that cover distinct aspects of storytelling that include public speaking courses, communication skills as well delve into theatrical elements which enhances their acting skills by giving them a creative edge. Students can select a course that suits their learning needs and work towards their desired level of proficiency.

  • We provide students with a platform to thrive in a culturally diverse setup that will hone their theatrical abilities and give them an outlet to engage in the art of creative expression.

  • They will earn the opportunity to learn from experienced actors which will help them in nurturing their creative abilities and grow into refined artists.

  • All our acting courses will be structured around the needs and requirements of our students which will help them in shaping their own individual learning experiences.


Children from the ages of 5-15 years, can enroll in our drama school which will enhance their own personal growth and well-being by providing them with a rewarding experience. As children make their debut in the theatrical world of drama, we provide nothing but the best of online acting classes with the most engaging lessons that enable them to make better creative choices that will reflect in their personal as well as professional lives. They will usher into a world full of creative possibilities that will activate their voices and spark their imagination. 

How do speech and drama courses contribute to the personal growth of an individual?
What are the advantages of taking speech and drama along with acting lessons online?
How are the acting courses online structured?
What skills or prior knowledge do I need?
Will it help in refining my communication skills?
What is the right age for introducing a child to the art of theatre?