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 In a world filled with numerous choices, making decisions becomes very difficult for both parent and child. Parents find it difficult as they had a very different experience while children find it difficult as they have yet to experience the world. Join in for a very insightful discussion as our panelists share their thoughts on the same.

Ryan Bangera:Head of Music
Tanya K Vatsa:Author, Blogger and Health Care strategist
Sandeep Pawar:Vice President - Strategy at Zell Education

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Communication is one of the most wanted skills of this era and to be able to do this while maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence is very crucial. Join in as our panelists discuss the impact of communication and emotional intelligence in our day to day lives and share some great insights. 

Deepa Kadam: Business Head at Furtados School of Music
Sheetal Garg: Independent Consultant & Communications Coach
Albina Chetri: Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

We often look to elder/experienced individuals for guidance, however it is also important to hear the outlook of the present generation as they too can give some incredible insights on life as students in the modern age. Join Sagar and Shivin with their guru Mr Abhishek Shah as they describe their learning journey and the positive effects it had on their life

Abhishek Shah:Head - Training and Service quality at FSM with 2 decades of teaching experience
Sagar Sarbadhikary: Electronics student at BITS Pilani, Grade 8 certification from Trinity college, London
Shivin S Shirodkar: Student at Oberoi International, Grade 8 certification from Trinity college, London.

Dance is a form of self-expression. It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. Along with many other benefits, it can also be a life changer and a successful career!

Dharini Upadhyaya:Co Ceo Co Founder of Furtados School of Music
Dhvani Kothari: Artistic Director at National Ballet School of India and professional Ballerina
Lalita Ashtekar: Performer, Educator and Environmental Enthusiast.

Explore the world art and how practicing it can help in building a career in design, UI/UX and videography.

Tanuja Gomes:Co Ceo Co Founder of Furtados School of Music
Kajal Gaitonde Waikar: Visual Artist, Educator and Creative Entrepreneur
Saloni Rathee:Curator of Bephoolish, Floral Modern Art and PR Professional.

Learn some amazing tips and tricks on how to both train and take care of your voice.

Rex Saldanha:Musician, Educator, Content Creator
Daniel Johnas:Audiologist, Speech and Language Pathologist
Nikita Kulkarni: Professionally trained actor, dancer and voice over artist

A highly informative webinar discussing the impact of social distancing on children, teens, young adults and even parents.

Dharini Upadhyaya:Co Ceo Co Founder of Furtados School of Music
Samresh Shah:Founder- White Canvas India, Dual National record holder, Growth Specialist and Tedx Speaker.
Shivangi Goel:Global Content Creator, Parenting Infulenser and Ex Esl Trainer

Learn some highly effective parenting techniques by distinguished educationists and therapists that help in moulding children into fine adults!

Tanuja Gomes:Co Ceo Co Founder of Furtados School of Music
Dr Diksha Kamble: International Teacher, Designer of Learning spaces, Musician
Angela Mee Lee:Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Life Coach and Spiritual Healer.

Looking to make a career in Voice overs? Watch this webinar and get some amazing tips and tricks for the industries experts!

Chin2 Bhosle:xProgram Director and launched Big 92.7 FM + RJ
Suyash Mohan: xMusic Manager & Strategic Playout West region India (radio) + Voice Over artist
Rima Medhi: Creatiwitty.inc, Confidence coach and Visibility Strategist, xRj Radio Mirchi 98,3 FM & Fever 104 FM