Bottle Painting

Bottle Painting

Introduction of the course: In this course you will learn how to paint on bottles which can be used for decorative purposes.

Details about the course: The students will learn to paint bottle and painting transparent with acrylic paint.

Learning outcome from the course: The individual will confidently paint on bottles for decorative purposes.

Benefits of the course: The individual will learn different types of Bottle Painting.. can start a business or for gifting purposes.


Batch Timings

Batches based on age selection

4 sessions

*+ 18% GST


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Vaishali Vaz

Fsm Certified Teacher

My name is Vaishali Vaz, I am a Certified Art Teacher and I conduct various types of  art class like Canvas painting, Tea Coaster Painting, Bottle Painting and many more. I generally teach children. For me art is an effective tool to reduce stress, increase enjoyment and of course increase creativity.

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