Music Production for Kids - Level 1

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Through this live interaction online course, students will be able to create their own tunes using Sonic Pi software. In this fun-filled and interactive session students will be able to grasp the concepts quickly and easily as their teacher takes them through our simplified course modules.

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Access to a computer with internet communication
Laptop, Internet, Sonic PI software, Headphones, Zoom app Step 1 :Click on the following Options accordingly,Step 2 You will come to this page,Scroll and click on the link DownloadStep 3 You will come to this page : scroll Step 4 Download the link according to the Desktop or Laptop VersionStep 5 : After installing this will be the results
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Artwist Academy

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Artwist Academy is a pioneer institute focusing on whole brain development of kids by providing training in Music, Dance, Arts & Drama to enhance creative skills. Through these courses, we teach visual thinking, music thinking, motion thinking, design thinking and purpose thinking.

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About FSM

Introduction of FSM

Furtados School of Music, an enterprise that sowed its visionary seeds in the year 2011, has now blossomed into one of India’s leading and most trusted brands in imparting the gift of music to every musically-inclined soul. An organization that thrives on creative growth has now emerged as an avant-garde venture that has successfully delivered quality music education to more than 1,50,000 students across 200 schools and 15 centers and has managed to leave an indelible mark over 75,000 students online.

Why FSM Buddy?

The online venture of Furtados School of Music ‘FSM Buddy’ is one of the most promising ventures in the Ed-tech space. It aspires to fuel the creative aspirations of every passionate learner by giving pedagogy a multifaceted approach. As they continue to offer enriching insights on a diverse range of creative avenues, they also connect students to a community of certified educators who collectively ignite a flame of creativity in their minds. 

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