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In this 10 session crash course, you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of jazz. What started off as "rebellious" music in the late 19th century has grown to be one of the most versatile & sought after styles of music today! Jazz gives you freedom to showcase creativity through improvisation and collaboration. A vast subject in itself, Jazz 101 is the perfect first step for any beginner to understand and play basic jazz standards, chord progressions, chord charts, intervals, harmonic functions and apply relevant theoretical concepts to their performance. This is Part 1 of a 3 part course.

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Access to a computer with internet communication
All students will need to have access to their instrument, a laptop/tab/mobile phone with a good internet connection, pen and paper. They should be able to play basic chords & melodies on their primary instrument to join the PRO STEP program. (Internal) Intermediate/Advanced students of keyboard, piano and guitar. Intermediate / Advanced students who are looking to understand jazz concepts theoretically. Typically 14 or above.
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Batch Timings

Batches based on age selection

Duration : 1/3/6/12 Months

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Furtados School of Music

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Furtados School of Music (FSM), today is a name synonymous with music education in the country. They are committed to bringing organized music education to children across age groups in partnership with leading schools in India. Starting in 2011, in a short span of time FSM has grown not only in terms of school and non-school centres , but also in terms of faculty, infrastructure and the variety of courses taught. Today there are more than 180 school and non-school FSM centers, imparting music education to over 75,000 students. FSM faculty consists of highly motivated and passionate teachers drawn from a diverse mix of experienced and young musicians from India and abroad. Apart from being qualified musicians, they are extensively trained to impart an enjoyable and exhilarating music learning experience to students. Integral to FSM’s success is a world-class curriculum designed by leading educators from across the world.

Our teachers are extensively trained for teaching with our proprietary teaching techniques and get certified based on our tough exams. Their classes are continuously monitored by our Q&A team and panel of coaches to ensure quality classes are delivered.

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About FSM

Introduction of FSM

Furtados School of Music, an enterprise that sowed its visionary seeds in the year 2011, has now blossomed into one of India’s leading and most trusted brands in imparting the gift of music to every musically-inclined soul. An organization that thrives on creative growth has now emerged as an avant-garde venture that has successfully delivered quality music education to more than 1,50,000 students across 200 schools and 15 centers and has managed to leave an indelible mark over 75,000 students online.

Why FSM Buddy?

The online venture of Furtados School of Music ‘FSM Buddy’ is one of the most promising ventures in the Ed-tech space. It aspires to fuel the creative aspirations of every passionate learner by giving pedagogy a multifaceted approach. As they continue to offer enriching insights on a diverse range of creative avenues, they also connect students to a community of certified educators who collectively ignite a flame of creativity in their minds.