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With Summer vacations around the corner, every child is hopeful to cherish each and every minute of it by engaging in fun loving activities. With our Summer Camp programme, kids can spend time  doing the things they truly enjoy and still be productive in the process. At Furtados School of Music, we believe that every child should have an opportunity to explore and live up to his/her full potential, we aspire to open these doors of opportunities, and enable holistic development.

Course Details : Following are the activities that we have in store for young learners,

  • 40 mts Piano/ Keyboard, foundation learning programme every day (Monday - Friday)

And additionally one of the below mentioned activity per day, 40 mts duration

  • Fun with Notes

  • Body Percussion

  • Music is fun (Introduction to Hindustani Music)

  • Art Attack

  • Music Composition

Learning Outcomes:

Instrument Learning

  • Workings of instruments like Piano/ keyboard 

  • Foundational music requirements for playing, involving simple music theory which includes note recognition on instruments and reading note values

  • How to jam along with your favourite music

  • Start making original tunes

Body Percussion 

  • Make interesting music using your body as an instrument.  

  • Aimed to improve musicality and activate both sides of the brain and improve your fine and gross motor skills

Fun with Notes

  • Engaging ways to build concepts while learning music theory

  • Stimulates socialization and helps build interest in learning 


Music is fun (Introduction to Indian Music)

  • An unique program that is designed to introduce you to Indian musical concepts such as Sur (Melody) & Tal (Rhythm) 

  • Fabulous blend of traditional concepts and teaching in modern style. 

Art Attack

  • This summer DIY is a whole lot of fun with super imaginative Craft ideas.

  • It works in inducing creativity and brings out the artistic side of every child. We intend to enhance their skill of improvisation, innovation and socialization through this activity.

Music Composition

  • Introduction to the basic skills of composing music on a digital platform in a fun and engaging manner. 

  • This activity helps you create some cool electronic music, also helps improve analytical skills too.

Benefits of the course: We aspire to hone these individual talents by adding spark and creativity to their vibrant personalities

  • Introduction to various concept can also help them to choose further specialisation, in future

  •  Broad spectrum of activities will help nurture their creative abilities as they gain confidence 

  • As they learn to utilise their time in a productive manner, children grow into intuitive adults with impactful personalities 

  • An outlet of self-expressions 

  • Music helps enhance their level of concentration

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