Celebrating International Nurses Day with Furtados School of Music

All around the world, the 12th of May is celebrated as a day to pay tribute to the Nurses and their immense contribution to our society. The day marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, also known as the founder of modern nursing and the celebration pays tribute to the social work she did during her lifetime.

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ABPlive | May 12th

Nurses from all over India and the world have paid tribute to Florence Nightingale and images from various cities can give us a glimpse of the importance she plays to nurses all around the world.

Recent times have reminded us of the importance and value of our healthcare sector and have given rise to a sense of gratitude amongst the masses for nurses and doctors especially. Celebrating International Nurses Day could be done in various contemporary ways but Furtados School of Music aimed to add a touch of song and dance to the celebrations this year.

Furtados School of Music is a sister company to Furtados, which is the premium name and the most trusted brand when it comes to music in all of India. Having a legacy built on trust and authenticity behind it, Furtados School of Music is a music school that aims to share its musical expertise and passion with various people, especially students of all ages. FSM regularly conducts exciting activities that really bring a spark in the eyes of the participants to spread a sense of joy to the participants and pay tribute to a special day or event. Their efforts in celebrating Nurses Day this year were no different.

Held at Masina Hospital, Byculla, and HN Reliance Hospital in Girgaon; a lot of fun music and dance-related activities were held by the Furtados School of Music for nurses to take part in. Fun music therapy sessions and percussion activities brought real energy and spread a sense of positivity in the atmosphere. Seeing the bright smile and the cheerful laughs of nurses gave rise to a further sense of appreciation for nurses that was felt by everyone present at the event there.

Mental Health and stress have become topics that have gained massive attention recently. Nurses work tirelessly every single day to provide healthcare services to the required patients and like many professionals out there, lack time and space to look after themselves and take care of their mental health. Having access to therapy and being involved in activities that bring relief to the mind are extremely important in today’s hectic lifestyle. The whole point of organizing a musical therapy session was to bring a sense of relief and to allow nurses to take their minds off the hard work that they do. Various sessions were held by FSM and its team of skilled and trained musicians that helped lighten the mood and bring comfort to the minds of everyone present there.

The nobility of the task nurses conduct on a daily basis is unquestionable and allowing them to freshen up and take a while to sit back and smile was something they undeniably deserved. Being happy, smiling, and bursting out in laughter is a key ingredient to having a happy and peaceful mind and there are few sources that can provide these emotions in the way music can. Using music to spread positive emotions and fill the room with happiness is a great initiative and something Furtados School of Music holds dear to its own ideology and legacy.  

The theme for this year's Nurses Day celebration was “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global health”. Just like any other profession, Nurses are human after all and they have all the right to live a happy and fulfilling existence like anyone else does. Happy nurses are better nurses and better nurses will lead to a better healthcare system. By spreading happiness through song and dance, FSM aims to continue on its path and share the joy of music with people from all walks of life.

Here's wishing all the good health and happiness to nurses all over the world. We appreciate all they do to uplift healthcare to the high standards that we demand and we remain grateful for all the efforts that they take to keep our society safe and in good health.

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