Music Engagement Can Improve Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

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BW Education | 31st July 2021

From Mozart to Shakespeare, every creative genius has immortalized the essence of music in their art. As Shakespeare once said, “Music can raze out the written troubles of the brain” by nurturing the inner workings of our mind. As humans, we are hard-wired to respond to the illuminating effects of music which enraptures our senses and appeals to our mental faculties. Truly a wonderful phenomenon, the music strikes a soulful effect on our sensory and auditory senses which draws us into a state of utmost tranquillity. Its calming tendencies placates us emotionally along with creating an enriching environment that promotes our mental as well as physical well-being. 

Research in the field of music has made progressive strides in highlighting the evolutionary growth of music that actively stimulates the functioning of our intellectual faculties. By activating neurons within our nervous system, music has the potential to simultaneously trigger both the hemispheres of the brain which significantly elevates our cognitive performances. It fuels our creative drive and passions by helping us perform at our optimum level that gives a creative edge to our personalities. Healthy exposure to music enhances grey matter volume in our brains,  which encourages critical thinking and problem solving attributes among young minds. It leads to a creative awakening that positively influences our perceptions and the ways in which we interact with the outside world. Truly an enriching process, music facilitates effective learning among students by sharpening their concentration levels along maximizing their memory retention. The functioning of the nervous system and brain can be effectively structured using musical responses, which gives an upper hand to every musically inclined individual. As we identify patterns of growth among young minds, music plays an instrumental role in their formative years by exposing students to the nuanced world of music at a young age. 

Thus, as we engage with music at a holistic level, our minds are tuned to its rhythmic patterns, which lingers through our hearts. Truly an intimate act, music speaks to our soul and transforms us into the best version of ourselves by not only elevating our intellectual prowess but also by giving us space to creatively thrive.

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