Art And Craft Courses For The Passionate People And Adapting The Needed Tools For Hand On Experience

Do colours and patterns intrigue your child? Has your child ever displayed a strong sense of fascination with creating art? Now is the time to hone their artistic skills by enrolling in our art and craft courses.

Children are easily drawn towards creativity, it is a very instinctual process for every passionate child, as they begin to discover their true passion for art. They absorb creativity from their surroundings, which begins to reflect upon their growth as individuals.

They grow into passionate beings, with a strong desire to learn and explore the world around them which is filled with artistic wonders. It is truly a liberating experience for every young learner, as they witness their passion for art come to life on a blank canvas. It is their very first attempt at self-expression, as they find their voice through art. 

The art of creating has been practised for ages, as it gradually satisfies the insatiable curiosity inherent in every individual. It provides them with an outlet to engage in the art of creative expression, as they learn to find answers in every piece of art they encounter.

A rewarding learning experience for every young impressionable mind, art classes allow students to confront diverse possibilities and creative ideas that otherwise would have been dormant. 

From Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso, we have witnessed great artists leave their traces in the world of art with their extraordinary work. Through their masterpieces, they have inspired people to think and act, by leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

At Furtados School of Music, we aim to create a space where students can learn to their heart’s content and explore various artistic skills at the same time. Our online art and craft classes are designed to trigger their creative instincts and transform them into confident creators.

A place where students can be their true selves and share their learning experiences with like-minded peers. By facilitating hands-on learning experiences, we inspire students to be a part of the creative process and not simply witness creativity from afar.

Why Is It Essential To Promote A Hands-on Learning Experience:

By allowing students to be a part of the learning process, students get to witness creativity in its true form. It instantly sparks their imagination and allows them to experiment with their art, through the means of trial and error.

They learn from their mistakes and eventually understand the potential gaps in their learning process. Along with absorbing theoretical knowledge, students are provided with a unique opportunity to refine their learning in new and engaging ways.

By creating a collaborative learning environment, educators are able to enrich the minds of their students by facilitating effective learning. Truly an illuminating experience for every student, as learning occurs on various levels and leads to their holistic development. 

Here is how Furtados School of Music have promoted a hands-on learning experience for every passionate learner; 

By following a rigid curriculum, many art schools and institutions hamper the creative growth and development of a child. Children learn by immersing themselves in their learning environment, by completely dedicating themselves to learning and experiencing art as they progress through their online art classes.

Remember a time where people were taught how to sew and knit in classrooms? However, with time, the art of experiential learning was easily replaced with pages of theory, that created a dull classroom environment, with students passively absorbing information.

By creating a hands-on learning environment, Furtados School of Music aims to foster growth and creativity among every student, as they develop their own unique identity. It gives students the liberty to commit to their own thoughts and ideas, which triggers critical thinking among young learners.

Thus, by creating an engaging and enjoyable ambience, students begin to thrive in their art lessons.