How Music Can Expand Your Creativity

Every individual is born with the ability to be creative. Many explore their creative side and develop it to higher levels.

Music is a source of pure expression. The various intricacies between musical notes, different lyrics, and chord progressions create a diverse set of sounds that can bring out different emotions within the listener. Be it writing the lyrics to the song, creating a backing track or editing and creating a final output; creativity and music always go hand in hand with each other. Professional musicians experiment with music each day and use their creativity to create and write new music in order to maintain their relevance in the industry.

Music has been proven to have positive effects on the brain. Especially at a younger age, it has been scientifically proven that music can help improve a person’s coordination, concentration and can expand their minds to new horizons.

How does music correlate with our mind’s creativity?

1) Releases Dopamine

“Dopamine” has many names that give an idea regarding its role within our bodies. The “happy hormone” almost plays the role of a messenger to our brains where it gives the body a boost in its cognitive and coordinating abilities.  It produces positive results and boosts bodily functions like movements, memory and uplifts the mood of an individual.
A sharper, more active brain can help us think creatively in anything we do. Having a sharp mind also helps us concentrate better and make the whole thought process of an individual more bright and positive in nature.
Music generates a sense of ease and pleasure in the minds of the listener. Listening to your favourite songs can send a shot of dopamine into your system. This can pump your senses to a higher degree and can help you be sharper in thoughts and deeds.

2) Calms The Mind

A busy mind has clouded judgement and having a disturbed thought process can hamper the brain's ability to make decisions and think clearly. Having a stressed mind will halt the creative parts of the mind from playing a role in the thought process of the person.
A calm individual with a calm mind can think freely and can use their inner creativity to make decisions that are creative in nature. Finding creative solutions to problems and adding creativity to the process of thinking in all walks of life can result in clever solutions and ideas.
Music can be a calming presence and listening to your favorite songs can ease the mind of troubles; making the mind more stable in nature.

3) Better Cognitive Skill

Your brain’s ability to think and learn accurately depends on various factors. A sharp and calm individual can think straight and can make the right decisions.
A disturbed mind can be prone to mistakes and shortcomings. Listening to music can not only refresh the mind’s ability to think in the right manner; it can also develop the mind’s ability to memorize, improvise and think better.
Listening to and learning music, especially at a younger age can help the brain grasp new concepts and can expose the mind to new things.

4) Promotes Further Thinking

A stable and sharp mind is capable of thinning further and expanding on ideas. Exploring new horizons and making additions to plans can increase the overall efficiency of a person’s thought process.
Man is a creature of innovation and only a stable mind can improve on already existing ideas.
Music can freshen a person’s mind and can add a sharpen that is required to further promote better decision making.

5) Expands Imagination 

As said earlier, the whole process involved while making music is open to a lot of creativity and experimentation. Listening to versatile songs that tell various stories and are set in various scales can expand the brain’s exposure to newer ideas. Exposing the brain to diverse music can open the mind to various possibilities and these ideas can be used in every step of their own lives.
Listening to songs of various genres and exposing yourself to new possibilities can help add an innovative approach to all problems in life.

Various studies have proven how music can have a positive effect on the entire thought process of a person. Exposing yourself to music and making use of the benefits of music in your own life can help your mind make stable, well-informed decisions.

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