Benefits of Musical Instrument Lessons in Childs Brain Development

Music has a powerful effect on each and every individual, that brings out the best in them. At Furtados School of Music, we believe in the empowering aspects of music that has the potential to strike a euphoric feeling of contentment in the minds of our avid learners. The minute a child picks up a musical instrument, he is inspired to embark on a journey of unveiling his true potential. A child confronts distinct aspects of his personality, as he ignites a creative spark in his life that transforms him into the best version of himself. It is truly a rewarding experience for every musical enthusiast, who not only refine their musical talents but also experience a riveting transformation in their own personalities. As they passionately step into the melodious world of music, they are exposed to diversified experiences that continue to mold them into their finest selves that augment their intellectual growth and development.

As students learn about musical instruments, they continue to uncover their abilities by giving us a glimpse into their creative genius. It is true that musical training has tremendous potential to improve the intellectual capacities of a young learner. Here are some of the benefits that music brings to the life of every musician:

Stimulates the brain with creativity and growth:

Due to our emotional connection with music, it has the potential to stimulate the brain in a very powerful manner. As we immerse ourselves into learning different musical instruments, it brings about positive changes in our ways of thinking that sharpens our creativity and overall growth. Playing an instrument is truly a rich and complex experience that demands equal engagement from different parts of the brain. It successfully manages to integrate information through our visionary, auditory as well as sensory systems that play a poignant role in providing us with a highly stimulating experience. This can result in long-lasting changes in the development of the brain that ignites a creative spark within us.

Brings about dynamic changes to the brain:

Over the years, it has been proven that musical training has led to significant improvements in the overall structure of the brain. It is said that the corpus callosum, which is a massive bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two sides of the brain, is larger in musicians. Along with that, the areas involving movement, hearing, and visuospatial abilities appear to be larger in professional keyboard players. Studies have shown, children who portray an ardent interest in learning musical instruments, depict a resilient spirit towards life which is further reflected in their personal as well as professional lives. Even a brief period of musical training can do wonders in the life of a child, by enhancing their verbal memory, spatial reasoning, literacy skills as well as their ability to deal with everyday situations and challenges that come their way. It has been proven that learning a musical instrument increases gray matter volume in various brain regions, which have long-lasting beneficial effects in the lives of children.

Illuminates the mind:

Mastering a musical instrument is truly considered to be a significant achievement that has its own illuminating effects on the mind of a young musician. As students establish their own pace of learning, they begin to demonstrate great artistic finesse and creative growth that reinforces an optimistic attitude among them. Along with elevating their performances, constant engagement with a musical instrument has its own unique benefits that help in the cognitive development of a child. Specialized music training unearths their hidden talents and musical abilities along with enhancing their concentration levels and sharpening their overall memory. They engage in the art of innovative thinking that helps them in adapting to different situations, along with coming up with instant solutions to various problems. It helps them to stand on their own feet by giving them a newly found sense of independence that turns them into confident learners.  

Thus, it is said that “Music reaches parts of the brain that other activities can’t.” This phrase perfectly encapsulates the power of music that continues to illuminate our minds. It is truly a cognitive stimulus that impacts our intellectual faculties in a way that nothing else does.