Creating Music From Step One

“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.” Creating music is one of the most surreal experiences that seeps into the corners of our souls and stays imprinted in our memories for the rest of our lives.

Music is truly one of the most precious gifts that brings joy to even the most sullen moments and brightens every area of our lives with its soulful symphonies. As you embark on this exhilarating journey of creating one of the most liberating memories of your life, beginning a new creative discipline can be daunting in the initial stages.

At Furtados School of Music, we believe in the creative aspirations of all our young learners as we guide them towards the path of excellence. Our online music classes for beginners are a perfect opportunity for every passionate learner to explore their true passion for music in the comfort of their homes.

We resonate with each and every one of their ambitions and aspirations and although wading through the intimidating areas of a new discipline might seem terrifying and overwhelming in the beginning, we walk hand in hand with our students as we help them in overcoming their limitations as a musician.

Here is how our online music classes for beginners will guide them in their journey of creating music: 

Confidence to take a plunge: 

Music is one of the richest ways to creatively express your innermost thoughts and feelings and create art with the simplest emotions in life. It is simple yet intricately woven into various notes and rhythms that bring life to the dullest moments.

As you passionately immerse yourself into the process of creating music, you will begin to develop a therapeutic relationship with your art that will heal you with its soothing symphonies.

Students find their own creative outlet as they begin to express themselves artistically. At Furtados school of music, we fuel their passion for music by giving them the confidence and adequate learning resources to kickstart their musical journey.

A fervent passion for music and an unwavering commitment to your art is all that a young musician needs in order to take a plunge into the deeper waters of the music industry and fully be themselves. 

A firm theoretical understanding of music:

Theory paints a much clearer picture by providing you with a framework for your music. It gives you comprehensive information on diverse styles and genres of music that adds more depth and versatility to your compositions.

Truly an enriching learning experience, it provides you with valuable knowledge that broadens your creative vision and brings you closer to realizing your artistic potential. It guides your basic intuition as a musician by strengthening your musical sensibilities and opening your eyes to the various possibilities embedded in the spectrum of music.

Right from your notes, chords to the rhythm and beat of your music all of these form the basic rudiments of music theory whose presence can be strongly felt in any musical composition.

The theory, therefore, gives you an elaborate understanding of the basic structure of your music which allows you to explore various musical components and enhance the quality of your composition. 

Training from an expert:

At Furtados School of Music, we provide you with efficient online learning music resources that allow you to develop a unique musical style that caters to your individual preferences. Our community of dedicated mentors will help you tread the path of excellence by honing your musical intuitions and elevating your hidden musical talents.

There’s no better antidote to a stunted vision than learning new techniques and creative styles from experienced music educators who will teach you the fundamentals of songwriting. As you learn music instruments you will also begin to demonstrate growth as a performer which will fuel your learning experiences. 

Thus, as you learn the basics of music theory and build on your creative vision you will eventually learn to create extraordinary music.