Drawing Made Easy With well designed online drawing classes

Every child is gifted with artistic instincts which develop when one creatively engages with them. At Furtados School of Music, we celebrate creativity and growth among each and every child which provides them with an open space for creative expression. Art is one such endeavor, which blends with a child's imagination and experiences and creates a masterpiece. With our drawing classes for kids, we provide each and every child an opportunity to explore their creative instincts and dive into a world of artistic marvel. 

As we create more opportunities for young minds to partake in creative expression through the medium of blank canvases and paint, we aspire to hone their artistic talents and creative abilities from the comfort of their own homes. We provide them with a fun and enjoyable learning experience with our art and craft classes online, as we unveil the various benefits of engaging in drawing lessons online; 


Provides a platform for creative expression:

Art provides students with an escape from their constricting lifestyle, allowing them to form new experiences as they learn to discover new aspects of their own identity. By creatively engaging with their art, children are not only provided with an opportunity to refine their skill set, but also build on their ideas and perceptions as they learn to visually express them. By embarking on this journey of artistic expression, students confront their own creative visualizations in a healthy environment which pushes them further in realizing their artistic pursuits. This newly found inspiration towards art might seem a little overwhelming to children, but with the right guidance, they can participate in an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Their young minds are intrigued with curiosity, as they begin to discover innovative ways of expressing themselves through the medium of their drawing lessons.

A systematic method of learning:

At Furtados School of Music, we provide students with an efficient art and craft curriculum rendered through the best in the field, to meet their artistic demands. Their young minds are intrinsically motivated to immerse themselves into their artwork as they begin to witness a considerable amount of improvement in a short period of time. As their instructors consistently mentor and guide them throughout their course of learning, they attain more precision and ease at sketching in a very detailed manner. Their art instructors often engage in constructive criticism which enhances their drawing skills and gives it a much-refined finish. They are eased into the learning process, as they are gradually introduced to the different artistic techniques and methods that furnish their skill set. It gives their art more definition, as they learn to focus on the minute details and work on creatively enhancing them. 

Encourages creativity and growth:

By openly contributing with their creative thoughts and ideas, students gain a lot more from their drawing classes online than they would otherwise, by passively sitting in a classroom setup. Our new model of teaching encourages students to creatively engage in their classes in the comfortable environment of their own homes. It facilitates creative growth among young learners as they dive deeper into unveiling their creative instincts which adds more color to their art. With consistent efforts, children build a wholesome relationship with their artwork which allows them to experiment with their work. They learn to add a touch of their own individuality to their drawings which give them a creative edge. Learn to develop a keen sense of artistic appreciation, as they infuse their cultural learnings with their art and give it a much more nuanced outlook. 

Develop a solid foundation:

 Our online drawing class is the ideal place for every creative genius who wants to refine their artistic skills. Achieving a level of flair and creativity comes after months of prolonged efforts. Our expert mentors will break down the process into easy steps, which will ease you into the learning process. As students are introduced to different artistic techniques and art theories, they will develop a strong foundation in art. They will receive a thorough understanding of every detailed aspect, as they do not limit themselves to the theoretical understanding of their art but also form a practical understanding. Each lesson continues to build on previously learned concepts which continue to strengthen their foundation and the ability to view things from an artistic perspective.

Thus, students engage in a never-ending process of artistic development, where they grow into intuitive beings and learn to apply their learnings in different ways.