Experimenting with music: The Utility Value of the Short Musical Courses for Kids

Every child is a powerhouse of immense potential and is capable of reaching great heights if they are nudged in the right direction. Their creative abilities are a vital part of their personalities, which play a very important role in defining their journey in life. Music is one such creative avenue that creates space for growth in diverse areas of life. Therefore, at Furtados School of Music, we embrace these empowering ideals of music by providing every passionate learner with a platform to hone their creative abilities. Our music classes for kids are an ideal opportunity for every young learner to gain an enriching learning experience in their formative years. Keeping these notions in mind, our online learning platform FSM Buddy aspires to provide every ardent learner with a holistic learning experience through our ‘discoverer music courses’. Through their online music classes, students will be trained with respect to their vocals along with the keyboard and guitar which will provide them with a glimpse into the wondrous world of music. 

The key advantages of the course are as follows:

Provides students with a holistic learning experience:

At Furtados School of Music, we endeavor to sow the seeds of creativity and innovative thinking among every young learner, by providing them with a platform to hone their creative abilities. As students begin to explore the nuances with diverse aspects of music, they begin to demonstrate a keen sense of appreciation towards music which enhances the beauty of their performances. By exposing them to a diverse range of artistic techniques along with distinct styles and genres of music, we aspire to promote versatility among young musicians that provides them with a holistic learning experience. Students grow into passionate artists, as they taste the real essence of music through their music lessons. By adopting a multifaceted approach towards music education, students are able to gauge their true potential and learn where their true passion lies. It is a very rewarding learning endeavor that nurtures their passion for music along with adding more vibrancy to their lives. 

Explore various music courses at the price of one:

Every young learner is truly gifted in their own unique way and by exposing them to different forms of music, we aspire to stimulate their creativity and awaken the creative potential within them. Our courses allow students to explore various music courses at the price of one, which enables them to explore their passions and creative abilities in a cost-effective manner. Students are provided with music lessons in the domain of vocals along with two of the most versatile instruments: keyboard and guitar. It is an ideal course that gives students the advantage of maneuvering through different musical pursuits before settling for the one that suits them best. It is truly beneficial to every music enthusiast who showcases an interest in more than one musical domain. By exposing students to different courses at the price of one, students are inspired to explore the nuances of different instruments, which enhances their overall learning experience. It broadens their worldview by coloring their artistic horizons with diversity. They become more aware of the diverse styles and genres which enhances their external repertoire and adds more meaning to their music. 

An opportunity to be trained under experienced artists:

At Furtados School of Music, we believe in the creative potential of every young learner, as we provide them with diverse opportunities that unearth their hidden talents. As students passionately indulge themselves in the pursuit of attaining musical proficiency, they are provided with an opportunity to train under the guidance of experienced music educators. These educators play a very important role in developing their skill sets and providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the course. As students dive deeper into their learning pursuits, they receive one on one mentorship from their instructors at the end of the course which will enable them to make an informed decision of their future pursuits in music.

Thus, the Discoverer Music course provides every musician with an opportunity to experiment with diverse aspects of music along with the opportunity to form a concise understanding of the course. It is truly a remarkable opportunity that helps students to learn and engage with their passion at a holistic level.