Help Kids To Connect Their Emotions By Drawing Classes

One of the greatest philosopher’s Aristotle, once said, “ The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” 

We live in extremely difficult times burdened by the despair and melancholy of life around us. As we grapple with the ongoings of the world, our inner emotional turmoil continues to weigh us down.

As we move forward, a lot of inner resentment and anxiousness begins to rise to the surface which might alter our outward demeanor. During such times, resorting to healthy coping mechanisms has become the need of the hour. 

Furtados School of Music continues to revolutionize the pace of modern education, by reinforcing the importance of fine arts within the realm of academia.

Such mindful insights have accentuated the growth of academia by encouraging students to pursue their dreams and aspirations. It creates a healthy learning environment, which stimulates their creative instincts and at the same time ensures that every student transforms into the best version of themselves.

Truly a wonderful phenomenon, that creates space for personal growth and well-being along with intellectual growth within the confines of the academic curriculum. It is a continuous process of unveiling your true selves by discovering different aspects of your personality.

Our online drawing classes for kids, India are an integral part of our curriculum that works hand in hand with optimizing the cognitive development of each and every child.

Whether you enjoy mindless scribbling on a rough piece of paper or drawing tasteful masterpieces, we openly welcome every passionate learner with open arms.

By extending various learning opportunities, we provide children with a glimpse of their true potential that gives them a creative outlet to unveil their true selves in the process of creating art.

Your masterpieces are nothing but conceptualizations of the inner workings of your mind and speak volumes about your personality. It brings you one step closer to experiencing your emotions and passion come to life in a broad range of colors. 

Our online drawing classes in India allow children to get familiar with their own feelings and emotions, as they gain clarity by revealing them on a blank canvas. 

Here are ways in which our students will be able to connect with their own personal emotions in the comfort of their own home; 

Portray Their Emotions Through The Medium Of Artistic Expression:

Expressing yourself through art is truly an empowering experience that allows students to share their own personal ideas and experiences.

It ignites their creative imagination by exposing them to a world replete with artistic grandeur. If perceived carefully, every piece of art is heavily laden with symbolism that allows an individual to speak to their audience through the means of their drawings.

It gives them the opportunity to open up and bare their soul to the world around them, simply through the means of artistic expression. It has nothing to do with your expertise as an artist, it simply allows you to accept your emotions and connect with them at an individual level.

Passionately Indulge In Creative Expression:

As humans, we tend to downplay our emotions in order to put forth a strong appearance. Kids on the other hand are very transparent when it comes to their emotions.

They throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way, burst into tears when hurt or scream with joy when their heart is full of happiness.

Our drawing classes for kids help them channel their emotions through a healthy outlet so that they can regain control over their emotions which will give them the space to create their own personal narrative through their art.

As students passionately engage with their art lessons, they learn to fully express themselves through drawings. They create their own identity through their art, which perfectly captures their true persona.

Truly a liberating experience, as students witness their passions and creativity come to life. 

Thus,  as students engage with their online drawing classes in the comfort of their home, they begin to step outside their comfort zone and fully embrace their emotions in a healthy environment.

It brings out the best in every child, by nurturing their creative abilities and allowing them to form a strong connection with their emotions.