How to Build Successful Career in Indian Classical Dances - The Ultimate Guide

Being one of the most celebrated forms of art in the world, classical Indian dances have won the hearts of millions of individuals across the globe. Right from its inception to its amalgamation in modern dance forms, it is revered for its cultural essence. From religious ceremonies to weddings it graces every occasion with its graceful splendor. Truly one of the most unique forms of dance that has carved a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians and continues to glorify our rich cultural heritage and traditions. Being one of the oldest forms of art, it has truly upheld the glorious aspects of our society and continues to give us a taste of our Indian culture. 

Here are some of the revered forms of Indian classical dances that have successfully maintained our rich cultural legacy; 


Having originated in Tamil Nadu, Bharatnatyam traces back to the Natyashastra which is an ancient treatise on theatre written by the mythic priest Bharata. This phenomenal form of art perfectly captures every sentiment and emotion which is embodied in various forms of religious and devotional stories. It is performed by women in temples and used as a form of artistic expression among various classical artists. Truly a form of storytelling that uses various hand gestures, intricate footwork as well as facial expressions to convey a certain sentiment to the audience. 


Having originated in southwestern India, Kathakali is a form of religious dance that draws inspiration from the Ramayana and stories from Shaiva traditions. Unlike Bharatnatyam, Kathakali is traditionally performed by men. This grandiose form of art is depicted with the use of elaborate artistry that is conveyed through enormous headdresses along with elaborate costumes and makeup. Truly powerful and invigorating in nature that creates an impact on its audience with its graceful presence. 


Having originated in northern India, this beautiful expression of love is performed by both men and women. Every intricate footwork and hand gesture speaks volumes about this wonderful form of art and is accentuated with the grace of the performer. It perfectly captures the essence of storytelling by interweaving music, dance, and various dramatic elements within its framework. It gained popularity all over the world as it continues to uphold its glorious presence by residing in the hearts of various classical music lovers. 


Having originated in northeastern India, Manipuri is characterized by its smooth and graceful moments. It draws inspiration from various traditions and rituals along with artfully depicting various scenes from the life of the god Krishna. It is accompanied by narrative chanting and choral singing that adds to its beauty. 


Having originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh, Kuchipudi is a perfect amalgamation of dancing and singing. It reeks of religious symbolism and begins with a formalized song-and-dance introduction, sprinkling of holy water, and burning of incense, along with invocations of goddesses. Truly beautiful and graceful in its most real sense, it brings the essence of classical music to life. 


Believed to be one of the oldest of the surviving Indian Classical dances, this complex form of art is highly expressive in nature with over fifty mudras. Having originated in Eastern India, it has evolved into one of the most celebrated forms of dance that continues to extol the rich cultural legacy of our nation.

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Here is your ultimate guide to building a successful career in Indian Classical Dances:

Hard Work and Determination Are the Stepping Stones to Success

One does not become a professional dancer overnight, it demands consistent dedication and an unwavering commitment towards your learning goals that positively contribute to your overall performance. Success comes after consistent efforts and the ability to not give up on your dreams despite the circumstances that hinder your growth. Giving your best every single day will surely reap positive results that will take you one step closer to your goals. 

Create Your Own Unique Style: 

Along with hard work and dedication, it is also very important to create your own unique style. Craft your own distinctive style by exposing yourself to various styles and genres of classical music that will broaden your creative horizons and give you a taste of creativity. Along with that, observing the performance styles of various legendary artists will surely fuel your creative instincts and help you develop a unique style for yourself. 

Start Learning at an Early Age:

FSM Buddy offers online dance classes for kids that help you develop the right creative instincts from a very young age. Children are truly wonderful at soaking in knowledge from their surroundings. By exposing your child to a stimulating learning environment, you will sow the seeds of creativity and innovative thinking from a very young age that will positively shape their future as a classical dancer. It gives them a head start at success and fuels their passion and love for dancing. 

Enroll in Various Competitions: 

Never hesitate to participate in various competitions that allow you to display your creativity and skillset to a wider audience. It boosts your confidence and encourages you to be the best version of yourself without letting the fear of failure discourage you. It is truly one of the most liberating experiences in your life that will push you towards the path of excellence and motivate you to give your best. 

Immerse Yourself in the Culture:

Indian classical dances truly invoke the cultural essence of our country, by interweaving its cultural values within its diverse fabric. By passionately immersing yourself in the rich culture of your society you will be able to form a meaningful connection with your art that will begin to reflect in our performances.

Thus, as you grow into exceptional performers, you will begin to pave the path to your own success.