How To Choose The Right Guitar As Beginner - Classical, Acoustic Or Electric

The immense popularity of the guitar as a musical instrument comes from the sheer variety of types it has and the sounds they deliver. No two guitars sound the same as everything from the material to the age of the wood and the strings play a role in the kind of sound the instrument generates.

To summarize the qualities of the guitar, it is:
♦Accessible, and of course
♦Super Cool

Choosing the guitar depends upon various factors related to the purpose, the style and the age of the individual. The main 3 variations in a guitar are of course; the Acoustic, Electric and the Classical. These guitars have their own strengths, weaknesses and are suitable for particular kinds of genres respectively. Learning the instrument is easy today due to many online guitar classes. Knowing what suits you and what could be the most suitable choice for you requires some research.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right beginner guitar:

1) Pick a preferred genre:

First of all, know your taste. Get to know yourself and pick out the type of music that interests you the most. Whether it is country or pop or maybe rock music, find the right style of music that brings out the best in you. Picking a genre will then make it easier to pick a type of guitar as certain guitar works better for certain genres. For example, an electric guitar packed with the right amplifier is way more suitable to rock or metal music due to its sharper more electronic sound. The size and shape of an electric guitar makes it more friendly to faster, more dynamic playing. On the other hand, a classical guitar will be perfect for a more softer, melodious country or a pop song.
Learn the type of music that you wish to play and once you have picked your favorite genre, you can then continue forward to pick the guitar most suitable to it. One step closer to starting to learn from a guitar class online.

2) Learn about the types:

As mentioned earlier, every type of guitar has its pros and cons depending on the style of music that you want to play.
1. An Acoustic guitar can be suitable for pop music or the sub genre of pop-rock due to its steel strings and bolder, heavier sound compared to the classical.
2. The softer, smoother tone of a classical guitar is more suitable for genres like soul, country or similarly softer music.
3. Classic Rock, alternative music or metal requires an electric guitar. The various shapes and amplifiers add another realm of depth to the whole guitar experience when it comes to the electric guitar.
These are the pure basics related to the types of guitars and their sound, be sure about your style and liking and choose what will help bring the best out of you. 

3) Budget :

The price range of guitars varies from affordable to premium in nature. Naturally, for a beginner, it may be a better choice to go for a slightly lower priced guitar. But once again, if you have a budget that freely lets you go premium, there is no reason not to. The main thing to remember here is that the price of the guitar won't determine the quality of the player. The skill level is what matters. A decent guitar with decent sound can produce pure magic in the hands of a trained professional.

4) Personal taste of size or shape:

Guitars come in different sizes, shapes, cuts and also weigh differently. Some guitars weigh heavier and produce heavier fuller sounds compared to a sharper sound from a lighter, smaller guitar. Everyone has a personal taste when it comes to the size and the look of their guitar and having a personal taste and choosing one according to it will eradicate any place for doubts or uncertainty. Being able to physically feel the guitar in your hands and hear the sound can help in this regard.

The length of the fretboard, the feel of the wood, the sound; all these things can play a role depending on the requirements of a guitarist. What is most important is knowing that it is the skill that matters the most.  Learning from a qualified instructor from online classes for guitar at Furtados School of Music can help to develop that skill and talent. This skill will help to play the way you imagine and make the guitar sound just right in your hands. A true guitarist can make any guitar sound special, that should be your main goal.