How to decorate home during Diwali? Craft Ideas to swear by!

The DIY or do it yourself trend has taken the world by storm and for well-founded reasons. As the pandemic ensured that we all stayed at home for the better part of this year, we turned to find entertainment in the things that we have at lying home. For some, this translated into making the best use out of these things, transforming their homes into beautiful spaces. With our favourite festival of the year nearing, we have put together a list of home decor craft ideas for Diwali. Get ready to get creative and light up your homes this festive season! 

  1. Origami Paper Lanterns 

Is Diwali ever complete without lanterns strung up at your windows or your doors? This paper lantern craft only requires coloured paper and a string to hang them up. Make this cherished tradition of lanterns even more special by doing it all yourself. You can decorate your house in a hue of colours or keep it minimalistic with a single colour. The art style of origami is forever resplendent and adds a charm unlike the otherwise plastic and shiny lanterns available in the market. 

  1. Crepe paper toran 

Fresh flowers always brighten up a room and make it look ready for celebration. While fresh flower garlands look appealing, they don’t last very long. If you want to make something that will last for a while and can be reused for years to come, this crepe paper version is perfect for you. It can double up as a backdrop for your Diwali photos and is fairly easy to make. Get your parents, grandparents and siblings involved in this fun activity! 



  1. Mandala Wall Art 

A mandala is a geometric design which has roots in the Asian cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism. These designs have become widely popular recently with even wall hangings and bedsheets with mandala prints on them. There is something extremely soothing about the symmetry of it all, especially since the designs are circular and are organised around a single, central point. The most appealing aspect is that you can fill these intricate circles with whichever pattern you choose and customise it as per your liking. 



If you’re feeling especially brave and confident, you can even paint these on a wall in your home to decorate the space. Alternatively, you can draw them on hard sheets of paper and hang them up on the wall. If you’re a beginner, you can enroll for an art class to learn mandala which can help you through this craft project. 

  1. Do up the diyas 

While diyas made out of mud are common, here is an innovative craft idea to make water candles or floating diyas. You will need a glass, a plastic sheet, a candle wick, some colours, water, vegetable oil or lamp oil and a pair of scissors. You can sprinkle glitter, add a fake flower or even add food colouring to change these up however you like. Moreover, you can simply use any old glasses or bowls that you may have at home and do not have to go looking for new ones. 

However, be careful while handling the flame and try not to make a mess! 

With these fun and easy craft ideas, you should be able to find something to cheer up almost every inch of your house and enhance it for the festive season. You can even check out our online craft classes to help you attune your artistic skills if they are a little rusty. We hope that these home decor craft ideas serve as inspiration to you and push you to bedeck your house for the auspicious festival of Diwali!