How to Improve Spoken English the Natural Way and Start Speaking Fluently

We live in a globalized world with diverse cultures and languages. By learning a new language we open our eyes to a world full of possibilities, which nurtures our mindset at a personal as well as professional level. English is a language that is widely spoken around the globe and possesses a well-acclaimed status internationally. At Furtados school of music, we aspire to open doors of opportunities to every aspiring learner by enhancing their communication skills. With our English spoken classes, we create various outlets for a child’s personal growth and development.

Here are some of the diverse methods of enhancing your spoken English by giving it a more refined approach. 

Consistent efforts in your learning endeavors:

Consistent repetition leads to better retention which has proven to be a significant asset for every language learner. Practice makes perfect, keeping this adage in mind students must look for opportunities to test their theoretical learnings. By engaging in constructive conversations, students can track their overall growth which further boosts their confidence in their learning pursuits. Once students establish their own pace of learning which is constructed by their own lived experiences, students are able to identify their own weaknesses and improvise on them. By personally acknowledging their barriers in attaining fluency in English, students can reflect upon their inadequacies and learn to take responsibility for their own progress by setting realistic goals for themselves. This will give them a definitive goal to work towards which will also increase their confidence in their abilities. 

Network with native speakers:

One cannot gain proficiency in a language overnight, it comes after consistent efforts. A student must ensure regular speech practice to converse fluently and confidently. By interacting with native speakers students can grasp the essence of the language which also helps them in enhancing their listening skills. It also gives them an opportunity to apply their learnings in the real world by engaging in meaningful conversations which also expands their vocabulary. Networking with English speakers will also improve their overall conversational style as they learn to imbibe their speaking mannerisms that beautify their communication. Being a global language, a student can easily locate English conversation clubs and societies in almost every part of the city. By enrolling in these clubs, students will gain first-hand experience with the language which will allow them to socialize with great ease and confidence in an informal setting. Students can also extend their socializing to the internet by joining a plethora of English study groups for free which will allow them to practice their language skills with other learners all around the world. 

Start thinking in the language:

One must do everything they can at a personal level to improve their speaking skills, which includes developing an efficient thought process in the desired language. Formulating precise ideas and thinking in terms of the language will lead to an easy transition to English from your first language. It might be difficult at the initial stage but after considerable effort, you will be able to witness drastic changes in your speech. You can also enhance your communication by conversing with yourself in front of the mirror which will allow you to mold your facial expressions in the right manner along with the ability to distinguish between different conversational styles. Your language will show great signs of improvement, as you begin demonstrating clarity in your thoughts which will easily reflect in your speech.

Listen and pay attention to the finer details:

The more a student immerses himself in the language, the easier it will be for them to advance in their learnings. Many students struggle with speaking a new language because of their own personal apprehensions pertaining to their accents or their inability to articulate their thoughts and coherently express themselves. Along with speaking the language, listening to it is also essential to gain fluency. By exposing themselves to various songs, series, and documentaries students ease themselves into conversing in a more natural way. By listening to native speakers converse, they will also get a strong grip over their accents and frequently used idioms and phrases that will improve their spoken English to a great extent. By paying attention to the finer aspects of the language, students will also be able to assimilate the cultural idiosyncrasies of the language which will give it a more authentic approach. It will also broaden their worldview as they begin to infuse their language with colorful idioms, smilies, and various creative expressions.

As students embark on this learning journey, our English spoken class will guide them in their learning process. Students must always remember that the goal of any language is to deliver a  message or creatively express their personal views. Thus, they must not be afraid of making mistakes but give it their hundred percent to reach their desired level of coherence.