How to learn and play Ukulele: 5 tips for Beginners and Kids

If you’ve looked around the internet for the best instrument to get your kids started with music, you’ve probably been suggested the piano or the guitar. However, for a little munchkin, beginning with an instrument that they probably can’t even hold can get scary. Which is why the Ukulele is considered as one of the best beginner instruments for kids. 

Before you begin to worry, know that the instrument is easy to pick up, especially when your child shows interest. The ukulele is a charming fit for any child. With it’s easy to play nature and  fun, native sounding tones, any kid would be amused to learn something so winsome! To make the learning process that much easier here are 5 tips for kids learning the Ukulele.



  1. Find a good Ukulele for your kids

A ukulele is a compact instrument perfect for little kids. But finding a good one can be difficult. Getting one that appeals to your kids can be easy, but it should be a ukulele that’s easy for them to hold and one that sounds good to them. Remember to take a look at the size factor if you’re purchasing a ukulele online. 

A great way to get them into the instrument is to find videos of younger kids playing the instrument to spark an interest. Remind your kids that an instrument is not a toy. This distinction made at an early age not only helps divide up time for play and music, but also inculcates a sense of respect towards the instrument.



  1. Hold the Ukulele the right way

Identifying if your child will play the ukulele right handed or left handed is essential in the early stages of learning. If your child is right handed, their affinity to strum with the right hand and fret with the left hand would be more; the inverse applies to children who are left handed. This is important because your child must feel comfortable while holding the instrument. After all, there can be no bottlenecks to a child’s creativity!



  1. Get them a good teacher

The fundamentals of learning any instrument are best taken care of by experts. Today, there are umpteen number of online ukulele courses available at your fingertips. Infact, your kids will probably have the internet all figured out by the time you hand them a ukulele! So why not find them an instructor who can communicate with them and teach them the notes, frets, chords and melodies that will make the learning process easier?

  1. Ear training makes for better musicians

Even when it’s kids engaging with music, a metronome is a must! Whether you purchase one or download a mobile application, a metronome will help your kids listen better and keep count of the beat. 


Similarly, ear training with the ukulele can have them become inherently better listeners and build memory capacity over time. Memorizing music notes is challenging. When it’s done at an age where your kid’s mind can be moulded, it helps in the long run.



  1. Take it slow and practice with a schedule

Ever heard of the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ ? Well, you don’t want to rush the process of learning, especially with kids. While practice does make one perfect, kids don’t necessarily have the capacity to be up for a uke session at the end of every day. Making practice interesting and based on a schedule. 

Maybe set up alternate days to practice after school hours. Allow them to challenge themselves by closing their eyes and playing or playing at a faster speed. There are endless variations of an effective practice schedule that will make it feel less forced and more enjoyable. Be sure to provide them with positive encouragement too!


Learning the ukulele is easy! It just takes a bit of time, patience and discipline for younger kids to learn. If you follow our tips on getting your kids into learning the uke’ we assure you it’ll be a relaxing and fun activity for them.