How To Transform Yourself As A Guitar Student Into Highly Creative Musician

In the words of Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.” Creativity is a relentless pursuit in the journey of rediscovering your identity and finding your innermost passions and desires that makes you the person that you are today. It is one of the most liberating experiences in life that gives you the freedom to explore beyond the confines of the ordinary and adds more vivacity to your everyday experiences. As a musician, you draw inspiration from everywhere which boosts your creativity and adds more meaning to your music compositions. 

The guitar is one such musical instrument that brings more versatility and rhythmic flexibility to your music. If you are looking for different ways to channel your creativity and evolve into the best version of yourself, look no further! You’ve come to the right place! Furtados School of Music embraces every passionate musician by providing them with an opportunity to rediscover their hidden talents and acquire creative finesse in their journey to becoming one of the finest musicians in the world! 

If you are highly enthusiastic about learning the guitar, here are a few reasons why you should consider embarking on a highly enriching journey with us; 

  • With a legacy of 150 years, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with one of the most stimulating learning experiences that will speak to your inner musician and bring the best out of you! 

  • Our world-class music curriculum along with a community of experienced music educators across India are here to chart your growth in the world of music and nurture your minds with their musical expertise. 

  • Our online guitar classes are designed to stimulate your creativity and broaden your ways of thinking by opening your eyes to a world full of creative possibilities. 

  • We believe that every child is musically gifted and is capable of soaring great heights when nudged in the right direction.

  • Our community of dedicated instructors play an important role in encouraging the creative abilities of all our students along with helping them hone their talents at a very young age.  

We offer students nothing but the best online guitar courses that help them transform into highly creative musicians with a lot to offer to the world. We believe that the current situation is a conundrum for every artist all over the world who is struggling to find inspiration from the bleak situations that are unraveling across the globe. Do you find yourself stuck in a creative rut and are looking for ways to escape the monotony of life? Finding inspiration in these bleak circumstances might feel overwhelming but at the same time as artists, it’s important for us to create our own space no matter what the future holds for us. There are many things that one can do to seek inspiration even from the most mundane things in life. 

At Furtados School of Music, our guitar music class is structured around the creative needs and requirements of our students which pushes them outside their cocoon of mediocrity and encourages them to stand out with their music. Here is how we encourage our students to draw inspiration from the smallest of things that help them transform into highly creative individuals in the comfort of their own homes;

Look For Inspiration Everywhere: 

Creativity does not exist in a vacuum, it’s present everywhere. For instance, one can find creative inspiration by merely tuning in to a podcast or aimlessly scrolling through your phone. You might be inspired by an invigorating plot unfolded in a particular movie or a book. Creativity has no limits, one can experience it almost anywhere. Thus, as you keep looking for inspiration around you, it will surely reflect in your creative process which will push you to think outside the box.  

Set Songwriting Parameters for Yourself: 

As a musician, it is very important to set goals, more importantly, set achievable goals for yourself which will encourage you to chase after your dreams and aspirations. As you progress with your online guitar class, you will eventually acquire a sense of finesse and artistic clarity in your performances. Not only will it provoke you to perform better consistently but also build your confidence which will further enhance the beauty of your music. Your determination and persistence will surely define your journey in the world of music, which will either hold you back or push you forward to embrace new experiences. Thus, setting songwriting parameters goes a long way in strengthening your skillset as a guitarist. 

Experiment With Different Genres and Styles of Music: 

The art of experimentation is one of the most important practices one must embrace in order to fuel their learning experience from the very beginning. One of the simplest ways to evolving into the best version of yourself is to keep broadening your creative horizons by extending your musical repertoire. The world of music is replete with diverse styles and genres that cater to the tastes and preferences of every music lover. Be it the classic blues of jazz or the upbeat tune of hip-hop, music has a lot to offer to the world. The more exposure you gain, the more techniques and chord shapes you will become accustomed to, and this will then begin to translate into your own playing, whether you realize it or not.

Here are some of the things that stall your creative process as a songwriter; 

  • Denying yourself a substantial amount of exposure to diverse styles and genres of music. 

  • Playing the same monotonous tunes without adding your own individual touch to your songs. 

  • Making the same mistakes without making an effort to acknowledge your weaknesses. 

  • Following a similar path without leaving some space for growth and improvement. 

  • Making excuses without an effort to find your own creative identity.

Thus, there are various aspects that curb your creativity by adding more mediocrity to your performances. By allowing yourself to step aside and consciously work towards creating an enriching environment for yourself, you will be able to find new ways to spark creativity in your life. If you’ve been consistently pushing yourself, it is important to take a break and reexamine your ways before you lose a considerable amount of inspiration. It is important to create necessary changes in your lifestyle in order to carve your own path to success.

If you’re looking for ways to stand out as a guitarist, here is how our online guitar classes will transform you into resilient and creative musicians.

  • We allow our students to think for themselves and learn from their own mistakes. It helps them in strengthening their skill set along with their passion for learning. 

  • We encourage students to acknowledge their strengths as well as weaknesses which gives them a clearer picture of their growth. 

  • By bridging the gap between creativity and learning, we encourage our students to experiment with their music. 

Thus, as a guitarist it is essential to take slow but steady steps in your creative journey. As you progress through your guitar music class, you will gradually transform into the best version of yourself as you learn to gauge your own performances throughout your musical journey. Whether you are an amateur musician or professional artist, you will confidently learn to transform yourself from an average performer to a highly skilled musician. As you experience the sweet taste of success along with the musical freedom that comes with an unwavering commitment to your music, you will surely be hungry for more!