How Women Have Led The Global Music Industry In Recent Times

Music has been a platform where both men and women have excelled for generations. Iconic acts and artists have not been fixed to a certain gender and the whole point regarding versatility in music can be seen in the fact that both men and women have found success in various genres.

Speaking about women performers, in particular, genres spanning from country to pop and also rock and metal music have seen powerful female artists that have achieved great success internationally. Women in music haven't been as strong ever as they are today. In modern times, it is fair to say that the majority of the music industry is led by amazing female artists that have broken barriers, shattered perceptions, and excelled in their respective genres.

Be it vocalists, instrumentalists, or a combination of both. Let's have a look at leading female artists in the past few generations:

1) The 90’s

Popular Artists:

♦Mariah Carey ♦Alanis Morissette
♦Madonna ♦Britney Spears
♦Spice Girls ♦Shania Twain

The 90s was a decade where pop music truly went international and a lot of artists achieved massive international fame unlike never before. This era also gave rise to evergreen artists that personify longevity and have remained relevant even today.
Artists like Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera have all stayed popular to this day, a testament to their immense talent, skill, and popularity. Mainstream media and music especially were filled to the brim with musicians that captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide and hit songs from this era are enjoyed even today by people all over the world. This era and its artists are truly icons of the music industry.

2) The 2000s:

Popular Artists:

♦Beyonce ♦Avril Lavigne
♦Alicia Keys ♦Shakira
♦Jennifer Lopez  ♦Paramore

The 2000s was the era where music started to transform and genres like rock and metal started making regular waves on the charts. Supreme vocalists like Beyonce and Alicia Keys carried on their 90’s success and stayed at the very top of their game in the new millennium. 
Apart from pop and R&B, a lot of women started finding success in the punk and rock music scenes. The ’90s was the era of the Pop Princesses, the 2000s gave rise to punk goddesses like Avril Lavigne and Hayey Williams of Paramore and their rough, brave, and edgy music gave rise to a whole new field of domination for women in music. They had an edge to them and this edge transformed how women were seen in the music industry and paved the path for many young musicians as well. One of the biggest rock bands of the 2000s, Evanescence found major success due to the stunning vocals of Amy Lee striking chords straight into the hearts of the listeners.

3) The 2010’s:

Popular Artists:

♦Taylor Swift ♦Adele
♦Lady Gaga ♦Katy Perry
♦Fifth Harmony ♦Rihanna

The EDM-focused era of the 2010s was ruled by DJs but this did not dampen the spirits of women from other genres of music.  Major mainstream success was achieved by artists such as Taylor Swift and vocalists like Adele brought the whole world down to their knees with her scintillating and powerful vocal ability.
The success that women achieved and the popularity that they amassed in this era will go down in history as a decade truly dominated by female artists. Many artists from this era are still going strong and it almost feels like they have only begun their path of success and they have a lot more history to make in the coming years.

These women have paved a path for generations and the international music scene would never be the same without them.

What about the Indian music scene?

Let’s have a look back at how women have had a huge say in our music for generations:

1) Classical Music:

Classically trained masters like the late Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, K.S Chithra, M.S Subbulakshmi all were highly regarded as respected in their fields due to their ability to mesmerize listeners through their vocal ability.
These women have had a powerful impact on the lives of people and generations of listeners have grown up admiring the work of these greats. The iconic work that these women have done still remains part of our society and will always play a role in the fabric of India’s history. Their voices and their songs will live through and their achievements will be an inspiration for generations of aspiring new musicians for decades.

2) Modern Music:

In recent times, Bollywood has achieved popularity and a following on par with Hollywood films. A key component that separates Bollywood from western films is the major roles that songs play in the movies. No Bollywood movie is complete without a set of songs that range from dance music that makes you groove to soulful ballads sung beautifully that play games with your heart.
Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Alisha Chinai, Usha Utuph, and many more artists have sung songs that have become an iconic part of Bollywood's history. These modern musicians have the capability and versatility that allows them to switch genres and sing songs that bring out an expansive range of emotions. Music from such artists has played a huge role in the success of Bollywood and its rise in popularity all over the world. Globally, artists like Raja Kumari have paved a path for young Indian musicians by being recognized by the Grammys and nominated for awards all over the world.

Music has been a field open to all genders and women have certainly made the most out of the platform they have been provided; it only goes to show that when there is an equal platform provided, there is no limit to the heights women can reach in their respective fields. 

Women have played a huge part in music and their iconic works will live through for generations and mesmerize people for years to come. Here’s to many more in the future! Happy Women’s Day.