Online Guitar Lessons - Transform Your Basic Skills To Expert Level

We grew up listening to Brain May and Slash create magic by strumming the guitar. All these coveted artists have raised the bar quite high by drawing on their own personal experiences and unparalleled expertise that have driven them to great heights.

Each icon in their own right has radicalized the music industry by subverting from the conventional styles and creating a spellbound effect with their performances that are full of artistic vigor!

From every amateur guitarist to a professional, there is always room for improvement and learning is a constant process that fuels your creative needs. Growth is a work in progress that creates a distinction between mediocrity and greatness.

At  Furtados School of Music, we believe that dedication and an unwavering commitment to your aspirations are what lead to success. By extending numerous learning opportunities in different creative avenues, we attempt to revolutionize music education.

Our online guitar classes help you hone your guitar skills in a highly stimulating learning environment, that will enable you to reach the professional proficiency that you desire. Here is why online guitar courses are instrumental to your success in the music industry:

A Wide Repertoire Of Learning Resources:

Virtual spaces play an important role in bridging the learning curve by making learning resources accessible to every individual. Students obtain a glimpse into the grandiose world of music which is consistently evolving.

As they progress in their guitar learning endeavors, they are provided with an opportunity to indulge in thought-provoking discourse with their mentors that add an element of intrigue and curiosity to their lives.

They absorb the knowledge around them which positively influences their individual learning experiences and adds to their individual charm. Truly an exhilarating experience, that replenishes their creative drive and adds more refreshing ideas to their palette.

Students are introduced to a wide range of artistic techniques and styles of playing the guitar, that expand their horizons and paint their imagination with creativity and innovation.

As they passionately immerse themselves in their music learning pursuits, they also explore a broad range of musical genres that add more diversity to their pieces. 

An Opportunity To Network With Experienced Music Educators:

Networking opportunities pave the way for promising careers and allow students to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the music industry.

Our experienced music educators share their vast experiences and areas of expertise with our young learners that accelerate their growth and creative development. As students interact with their mentors, they welcome a wealth of opportunities in their lives.

Students are provided with an in-depth understanding of the guitar course, which translates into their performances as they begin to strum their guitars with a certain level of ease and precision.

By building a strong connection with their mentors, students are inspired to follow in their footsteps and create their own musical legacy. Consistent interaction keeps their anxieties and fears at bay, allowing them to look forward to their guitar lessons.

Along with being validated for their persistent efforts, students also need to be challenged in the course of their journey in order to keep their enthusiasm intact. 

Benefit From Personalized Lessons: 

Each class is designed around the learning needs and requirements of our students, which enables them to meet their learning goals in record time.

Students receive constructive criticism from their instructors, which helps them in gauging their shortcomings and working towards refining their skills with an aim to achieve success.

Research has proven that there are many kinesthetic and mechanical aspects of learning that are reinforced through real face-to-face communication with experienced instructors.

Incorporating diverse styles and techniques in your musical compositions does not compromise on the uniqueness of your piece but adds more versatility to your music.

A good technique can go a long way in contributing to your growth and development as a musician. A very enriching process that comes after years of consistent practice and dedication.