online keyboard class or offline keyboard class which is better?

Music education has started to expand towards the online realm due to technological advancements in the past decade. The traditional mode of imparting music knowledge has been part of our society since centuries and now has evolved with the changing times. The online mode of teaching has found a lot of success and its merits are there to be seen.

There are plenty of reasons for the rise of e-learning and today’s modern lifestyle makes online learning a lot more feasible in nature. Due to the availability of online learning today, we are now at the stage where a lot of people are looking towards e-learning but are skeptical to go for an option different from the traditional ones. In music, online classes for keyboard and guitar have started to grow in popularity.

For keyboards, Let’s analyze both styles of learning and see which suits us better:

Pros of Online Learning:

1) Suitable to modern lifestyle:

The main reason why online keyboard classes are popular today is how it integrates into our normal lives. In large part, the reason why online learning has grown exponentially is due to how well it fits with the modern schedules of both kids and parents. People today have very little room for adjustments and lifestyle, in general, is quite hectic in nature. The luxury of having time to freely pursue our ambitions is not something every person enjoys.
In such a situation, having online learning where one doesn't need to travel around and carry a heavy keyboard on their back makes the whole process a lot easier. Be it, kids or adults who are parents, time is short today and e-learning helps save some time in our lives.

2) Cost friendly:

The whole process of traveling costs money. Along with paying for the class and the class charging you higher to compensate for your expenses, you also have to spend your money to get to your keyboard sessions.
This is not the case for online classes as fees are usually lower and also eradicates any need for extra expenses on the way to the class. Saving time and money while your child grows, how can it not be great?

3) Recorded sessions:

Grasping every single piece of advice and storing it in our minds is physically impossible for any individual. Music is a topic that requires a lot of information to be learned and processed in the right way and learning this takes time. This might overwhelm a child.
Online classes have the facility to record sessions and thus in case any information slips out of the mind, the student can relive his experience by watching the class again. This is a real game changer when it comes to learning.

Pros of offline sessions:

1) Physical guidance:

Smaller mistakes or irregularities that a student has in their style of play can be rectified accurately with the physical interference of the teacher. The lack of physical teaching may cause a minor inconvenience to the student and learning to rectify an error may take some more time.
Having an instructor around who can provide close attention can help kids learn quicker.

2) Better ambience:

Sitting alongside like-minded individuals in a music academy can improve the overall feel of the class itself. Learning together in a place made with a view of learning music can inspire students a bit more than online sessions might do.
Offline learning can result in better communication as it is not dependent on technology and the network connection on both the student and the instructor’s side.

In short, it all depends on what is more convenient. Be it offline coaching or an online keyboard class, a student will learn well as long as the instructor is a qualified professional. Music is an art that needs to be shared from the master to their students and the mode of teaching won't make a massive difference. A professional teacher will be able to impart their knowledge to their students due to their experiences and familiarity with the instrument or the style of music. Life is all about learning and growing each day and music is a great choice especially for young minds.

What is important is making such sessions adjust with our life without causing too much interference or disturbances in our schedules.  Learning music is a joy and it's a great source of development for every child out there and should definitely be pursued if the child shows an affinity towards it.