Online Music Education - A milestone or just a novice accomplishment

Languages have been constantly evolving from the beginning of time. There are about 7000 languages spoken in the world today, of which many are currently endangered. These languages vary from place to place, region to region and have been in a constant state of flux in many parts of the world. However, over the centuries, experts around the world have come to believe that Music indeed is a universal language that can be experienced by all irrespective of geographical location or regional differences.

Just like Languages,  music too has constantly evolved over the years within different styles, genres and forms found all over the globe. With this evolution, there has also been changes in the way music learning has taken place. Many universities and teachers around the world have undergone changes in teaching methods and techniques to adapt to the changing world. Of course the fundamentals of music and technique mainly remain the same, but a lot of new repertoire and new concepts have resulted in an evolving state of teaching music as well. After all, it is said that ‘Change is the only constant’.

Playing any instrument is a rich and complex experience that exercises the brain in various ways. This is mainly due to the use of vision, touch, hearing and fine motor skills all at once. Playing in a group helps strengthen bonds as it involves contact coordination and cooperation. Music enhances various aspects of cognitive mechanisms of the brain that in turn help strengthen memory as well as reading skills. When started at a young age, this can in turn have a big impact on kids and their reading and memorization skills. Playing music can also make learners happy especially when they are enjoying what they’re playing. It helps communicate and express oneself more effectively. There have been various studies that prove definite impacts in the functioning of the brain due to music learning. Music training not only helps children develop fine motor skills, but aids emotional and behavioral maturation as well.

Since the global pandemic hit the world, there has been a drastic shift to the online platform all across the  globe. Music too has been part of this shift. Many people have been skeptical about the quality of learning and the way teachers engage online, etc. However online music classes have begun to slowly disprove many negative notions that people may have had about it. After all, where there is a will, there is a way!

There have now been multiple cases of students picking up instruments from scratch during the pandemic and are able to learn forward in leaps and bounds through online music classes. Within a couple of months students have been able to appear for various digital music exams as well. Of course online music classes don't result in the same experience as having the teacher playing physically next to you, however it does offer many other practical benefits. Music classes that are done online are much more financially feasible, especially for students who may not be able to otherwise afford music education. It has given the convenience of learning from your own home. Students who are inherently shy and introverts in social situations, can now freely express themselves from the comfort of their own home. Geographical boundaries are no more an issue due to the remote learning nature of online music classes. 

So there has definitely been a steady rise of acceptance towards the online nature of music learning and music classes. After all, as this fast paced world is constantly being driven by technology, it’s only natural that the music education industry too makes the best use of this. There have been many students who have benefited from online learning. Infact, students who had been learning offline earlier and transitioned to online music classes, have managed to maintain or even do better in their music exams as well. Thus showing that their learning outcome isn’t getting affected even though the medium of instruction has changed. Another big advantage of online music learning is that the classes can be recorded. This is an excellent way for students to go back to the lesson in case they have forgotten something or want to revise a particular topic or concept. This also helps universities or organizations easily conduct quality checks and ensure that students are being delivered a quality experience.

In the grand scheme of things, online music education indeed has been a milestone achievement in spreading the joy of learning music to such a large number of students. However, whether you’re interested in online music lessons or traditional ones, we’ve got you covered. Here, at F Furtados School of Music, we’re proud to teach anyone with an interest in music regardless of your age, background, and musical interest. Learn more about our music lessons today! Give online learning a try!