Pro Tips to Improve Your Vocals

Almost every one of us has our own favorite singers or artists that we love listening to. It’s true that not everybody can sing like an Arijit Singh or a Shreya Goshal but even so, everybody loves to sing along with a favorite song at a party or with family or even while stuck in traffic.

The amazing thing about singing is that you could begin singing anytime, anywhere as all you require is the instrument that you carry with you always, i.e. , your vocal cords!

Even though it may seem that singing is an exclusive activity for only those who are blessed with amazing talent or ability, this is far from the truth. In fact, the truth is that almost everybody who has a speaking voice can learn to sing with some guidance and practice. Singing is not a special activity restricted for certain people that you may have imagined it to be. However, like any other skill, it does require training, regular practice and a lot of hard work to become an exceptional performer. The hours of hard work and effort put in, is the difference between an average bathroom singer and a professional with a worldwide fan following. This does not mean that you cannot become a professional singer, instead, it just means that you will have to begin by putting in effort and following a few tips that can help you become a much better singer.

FSM Buddy is the perfect platform for someone looking to augment their singing skills and evolve into better singers. Singing classes online at FSM Buddy will help examine and improve your voice, posture, breath and every other aspect of your voice.

To become a good singer, it definitely requires dedication and guidance, and this is best achieved through singing classes. And if you’re looking to do this from the comfort of your own home, then online singing classes are the best way to go.

While there may be a number of things to be mindful of in your singing journey, here are a few important points to keep in mind that will help you get better and learn effectively as well.

  • Regular Practice

As you would expect, the first and most important thing to remember is to maintain a schedule of regular practice. As with any other skill or instrument learning journey,  to be regular with practice and making it a routine is an important part of getting better at that particular skill. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect. Without regular practice, it is very difficult to get control and improve on your skill. To improve on everything that you learn in class, regular practice is important. 

  • Warm-Up exercises 

Learning to do warm-up exercises is a fundamental aspect in any sport, instrument, or skill. In the case of your vocal cords as well, it’s necessary to take care of them like you would for any other muscle. Warming up before singing by doing a few vocal exercises can help get your vocal muscles warmed up and ready to sing. There are various warm-up exercises that you could use to get ready to sing such as scales, arpeggios, lip trills, sirens, vowel exercises, and more. This also helps preemptively prevent any injuries that may occur while otherwise singing without warming up. 

  • Breathing exercises

Many people aren’t able to explore their entire vocal range due to untrained lungs or limited breathing ability. Breathing exercises help in numerous ways in your overall vocal development.

It helps you relax and reduce stress. Breathing exercises can help you calm down and get into a good state of mind as well. A lot of unused lung capacity can be explored by regular breathing exercises too.

  • Taking care of your voice

Your voice is your instrument and hence as a vocalist, it is of utmost importance to take care of your voice. This begins by avoiding cold and sour foods and drinks. Avoiding things that strain your voice is important as well, like smoking, screaming, etc. It’s good to keep drinking water regularly to keep your vocal cords hydrated. Having warm water can help in this cause as well. 

  • Having a good setup

A very underrated part of developing your voice is having a good sound system to practice with. Sometimes singing loudly to an empty room or hall can put a strain on your voice during practice or class as well. Using a good setup of a microphone and monitors can help you rest your voice and it reduces the pressure on your vocal cords. Singing louder than you need to without a sound setup can really put a damper on your voice.

  • Sleep and Vocal Rest

As cliche as this might sound, it is indeed important to take adequate rest so that your voice is well-rested. Especially whenever you might have a performance or a show or a recital, resting is very important. Apart from sleep, finding times in the day where you can avoid speaking to rest your voice helps as well.

  • Correcting Your Posture

Having a good posture is considered the beginning and the end of singing well. Posture doesn’t mean to sit up straight or stand at attention. The fact is that being too stiff or straight could actually diminish your ability to sing well and be counterproductive to singing. This doesn’t mean that you slouch and sing though. It is important to be relaxed and sing instead. It is necessary to remove tension from every part of the body that is above the abdomen. The shoulders and upper body must be relaxed to help develop a strong and confident voice. Also, great singing generally happens while standing rather than sitting or lying down.

  • Find Your Vocal Range

Once you join the online singing classes with FSM Buddy, your teacher will also help you find your vocal range. Finding your vocal range is important as a singer as well because it helps you understand what are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of range. Not everyone may have insane 5 octave ranges and that's okay. Knowing your range will help you select the right songs for you that fit into your range.

With FSM Buddy’s online singing classes, you will be provided with a broad range of techniques and methods which will help you gain mastery over your vocal range. This will open doors of opportunity for every aspirational vocalist, to pursue their passions under the guidance of trained experts. They will be trained in a very systematic manner which will enable them to perform with great ease and precision. 

The online singing classes are designed in a way to meet the musical needs of each and every musically inclined soul. As students passionately immerse themselves in the learning process, students will be able to develop an in-depth understanding of a variety of singing styles and artistic techniques, which will enhance their external repertoire in the world of music. Students will cover the different aspects of becoming a stage artist, along with learning how to modulate their voices to suit various styles as they bring more versatility to their performance pieces. By developing an effective vocal range, they will be able to demonstrate immense confidence as a vocalist which will also give them the conviction to pursue future careers in the world of music. 

So what are you waiting for? Begin your vocal journey with FSM Buddy today itself and register now for your online singing class.