Public speaking doesnt have to be scary

Haven’t we all been called upon to speak in front of the entire classroom, at some point in our school life? We remember the sigh of relief that followed reciting poetry, or the beads of sweat that ran down our face as we nervously returned to our seats. Though it is a very daunting task for children, public speaking doesn’t have to be scary!

Encouraging kids to participate in public speaking is difficult. The fear of embarrassment is a factor that affects kids quite a bit and deters them from being confident. However, giving kids a nudge in the right direction can help them get over this fear and build a strong presence and persona. Here are some benefits to get your kids involved in the art of public speaking.

Public speaking is a skill building exercise:
Exploring public speaking can be a powerful exercise in improving a child’s life skills. Listening, reading, writing and of course speaking; these are basic life skills that need development. it is therefore important that we emphasise them early on, from primary school. 

Enrolling your kids in an  online course that improves writing, listening, reading and speaking on various topics is a good starting point. Remember that getting kids to express their thoughts at a very young age is beneficial. This could be as simple as providing their opinion of what their favorite pet would be or what their favorite sport is. 

Exposing young kids to different subjects and opinions can make it relatable to them in the future. This is also a great way to build a knowledge base. As they grow older, participation in more public events can lead to wonderful ideas and relationships emerging from a simple performance.


Social Situations become easier to handle:
When kids involve themselves in challenging situations like public speaking, they generally go through an early phase of social anxiety. At this stage it is important to consider their level of comfort with speaking their mind openly. Kids often feel insecure in the presence of strangers since they fear public embarrassment. 

It is vital for kids to participate in recreational activities that may make them uncomfortable at first. But as parents, we must understand that it takes a while for kids to step out of their comfort zone. 

The best way to begin training your kids in public speaking is to get professional help. There are various resources available online for your kids to gain confidence and master public speaking. 

It is also good to encourage children to participate in smaller, more local events. Perhaps a festival in your neighborhood or a competition in school. This will help them get a sense of overcoming the fear along with their peers & to step out of the comfort zone as a unit. This not only helps in public speaking but also in building social connections.



Academic performance sees improvement:
The   best public speaking courses for kids will most certainly improve their self confidence. A perk that comes along with that is the acceptance of failure. 

An acceptance towards failure does not mean that a child will continue to fail. In an academic sense, failure is a tool to improve oneself. Kids often fear failure because they are unable to face the consequences. An acceptance towards it helps them take it in their stride and improve upon their mistakes.

So where does public speaking come in? 

Well, as kids embrace the fear of failure, they push themselves to perform better in a very organic way. Once they begin exploring public speaking as an outlet to face their shortcomings, they begin to address their academics in a more holistic way. Which gives them the confidence to perform better. Public speaking also lends exposure to kids from a very young age.

So you see, public speaking doesn’t have to be scary! So put your worries to rest and involve them in an activity that is fun, engaging, informative and transformative.