Self-Expression and Creativity - The Major Benefits of Fine Arts Learning

'"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers

Every child is naturally gifted with innate abilities which form an intrinsic part of their personality. At Furtados School of Music, we believe in the power of creativity as we encourage young impressionable minds to channel their creative ideas in the right direction. We aspire to celebrate every unique aspect of a child as we provide them with a platform to indulge in a plethora of learning opportunities through the discipline of Fine Arts. 

As we dive into the realm of Fine Arts, we attempt to unearth its diversified benefits which encourage creative expression and growth among children.  

Builds a growth mindset:

As students passionately engage in the creative process they imbibe a resilient spirit which becomes their driving force in life. Through various creative outlets unveiled by distinct forms of fine arts, children gain an enriching experience that stimulates their inner creativity and aspirations. As they continue to progress in their artistic endeavours, they develop a personal relationship with their art and begin to pursue it outside the realm of external awards, for their own sense of fulfillment. Their exposure to fine arts instills a strong urge for personal growth and fervent passion in them which encourages them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. This newly found growth mindset among children helps them in gaining mastery over every venture that they undertake, as they continue to evolve into confident individuals with a flair of creativity and innovative thinking. Their inner conviction propels them to pursue excellence in every artistic attempt. 

Opens different creative avenues:

As children step into the wondrous world of artistic wonder, they open doors of opportunity at a personal as well as professional level. It is very essential that parents encourage their children to pursue diversified forms of creativity at a very young age which helps them nurture their imagination and evolve into emotionally competent individuals. Through the medium of fine arts, students embark on a journey of lifelong learning, as they adopt a multifaceted approach towards life. It promotes the development of their cognitive abilities along with a knack to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. By passionately engaging in different creative avenues brought about by their relationship with fine arts, children spark positivity in their lives which also provides them with a sense of personal accomplishment. We truly believe that children can excel and grow into passionate individuals, as they venture into the domain of Fine Arts. 

An outlet for self-expression:

Exposure to different outlets of creativity creates a healthy environment for a child to indulge in self-expression. Children evolve into curious individuals with a thirst for knowledge as they exhibit their eagerness to learn from their surroundings. By allowing children to express their creative interests through the medium of music, art, painting, dance and other diversified forms of fine arts facilitate creativity among young minds as they embark on their journey of self-expression. It gives an edge to their overall personality, as children blossom into confident individuals with a well-developed sense of artistic expression. Creative expression cannot be curtailed or limited to academic performance but goes beyond the scope of academia and encompasses the realm of fine arts. 

A profound cultural understanding:

As students display an ardent interest in fine arts, they begin to develop a profound appreciation for different cultures and forms of artistic expression. By immersing themselves in their learnings they begin to view the world from a holistic perspective which enhances their world view. Their newly established cultural awareness is translated into their own individual identity which inspires them to participate in critical thinking by employing different artistic strategies. They begin to articulate their ideas and opinions in a more nuanced manner which demonstrates their ability to articulate and visualize their ideas in a refined manner.  Their appreciation for fine arts reinforces a feeling of warmth towards humanity, as it enables them to appreciate the finer things in life. 

Thus, Fine Arts cannot be solely viewed through the lens of recreation and perceived as an individual pastime, it does more than providing children with a temporary diversion. It must be recognized as a passionate professional domain, which empowers young minds to achieve the best in life. By providing a plethora of Fine Arts Courses, we aim to create long-lasting learning experiences in the lives of our students as we paint their world with passion and enthusiasm.