The Perfect Way Of Learning Indian Classical Music From Masters

The soulful learning of Indian classical Music, unfolds rhythmic intricacies of classical ragas which brings immense delight and solace to its listeners. At Furtados School of Music, we showcase appreciation for music in all its forms, as we provide a platform for every classical music enthusiast to embark on a musical journey with us! With our Indian classical music classes, we aspire to delve into the wondrous world of classical learning as we unveil their rich repertoire that comprises delightful ragas. Through our online classical music classes, you will witness the wonders of learning classical music in the comfort of your own home.

  Our courses are tailored to suit every child's musical needs, as we push them into the path of attaining perfection through the guidance of our experienced instructors. There are a plethora of ways in which a child can engage in the art of learning Indian classical music,

Indulge in consistent efforts:

As you passionately immerse yourself in the learning process, you will eventually establish your own pace of learning which comes after years of consistent efforts. With our world class music curriculum rendered through maestros in the world of Indian classical music, you will gain a stronghold over your vocal range which will reflect in your overall performance. There are no shortcuts to learning, the scope of your accomplishments will be solely based on your consistency with your art. The more you engage in ‘riyaz’ or practise sessions, the closer you get in gaining mastery over your music. As your relationship with classical music strengthens with time, it enhances your repertoire which gives you the freedom as well as the confidence to experiment with your music. By learning classical music, under the tutelage of classical connoisseurs will strengthen your foundational skills which will elevate your voice modulation, as you learn to hit the right notes. 

Develop an essence of the culture.

Indian classical music is one of the finest ancient art forms in the world which depicts the richness of our Indian cultural heritage. Along with its enthralling effect on its listeners, it also demands a sense of spiritual affinity from its practitioners. As our dignified mentors guide you through the webs of its cultural complexities, you will be able to engage with your music in a much more refined manner. Your cultural learnings will begin to reflect in your music, as you learn to experience each emotion in every raga you utter, which will only add to the beauty of your performance. The true essence of classical music will seep into your musical renderings and add a divine touch to your vocals.    

Strengthening your relationship with your guru:

One of the most defining aspects of Hindustani classical music is the Guru Shishya relationship, which fosters a devout feeling of esteem and admiration towards your guru. In order to master the fundamental techniques by immersing yourself in raga theory and practice, it is essential to engage in an elaborate study of your art, as you follow the footsteps of your guru. As you continue to thrive in their presence, students must make it their prerogative to take great efforts in understanding their style of performing which also entails their preferred tempo, music patterns along the dynamics of their pieces. classes, students will primarily learn through oral means by listening and absorbing each and every raga traditionally passed down from their guru. As they holistically engage in our classical music   With years of dedicated training under our dignified teachers, students will accomplish great milestones as they are introduced to advanced principles which will create beautiful symphonies with a blend of diverse ragas. 

Reverence for Classical Music:

Indian classical music is an art with many reverential qualities attached to it. Its spellbinding effects tranfixes its listeners into a spiritual world of wonder which has positive effects on their intellectual capacities. As students learn classical music online, they will form a therapeutic relationship with their music, as their gurus ease them into the learning process. After years of diligent study and discipline, students will be able to resonate with their ragas with great intensity and understanding, as they begin to develop a feel of the music which comes after years of training. It takes great minds to develop spiritual sensitivities among students, as they learn to keep an open mind and comprehend each and every aspect of music in all its diversity. 

As we continue to bridge the gap between music and learning, we continue to indulge our students in great opportunities that ensue through learning Indian classical music. It is important to keep an open mind by embracing ever-evolving aspect of Indian classical music, which continues to flourish with great complexity. As students learn to accept all its interpretations with an unbiased mind, they will intellectually grow as they advance in their musical journey.