Ukulele vs Guitar The Main Differences and Which You Should Learn

Ukulele as an instrument has gained massive popularity in recent years due to its more accessible nature in comparison to other string instruments. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight and has a soft, soothing tone to it. There has been a rise of online ukulele classes as well with the growth in demand for the instrument.
Here's some basic information about the instrument if you are planning to learn the uke or want to make the ukulele your first foray into the world of music:

1) Types:

The Ukulele comes in various shapes and sizes. The two most popular shapes are the regular ones and the pineapple ukulele that is more round and produces a fuller, slightly heavier sound. There are other shapes available out there for people with a taste that is slightly more unorthodox.

Sizes can be roughly divided into four categories:

1. The Soprano Ukulele: The smallest Ukulele out there and probably the one that people often picture when they hear the word “ukulele”. It is lighter in weight and is considered best for most beginner players.

2. The Concert Ukulele: Slightly bigger in comparison than the Soprano in terms of its length and the distance between the frets. COuld be a good starting point for people with slightly bigger hands and fingers.

3.The Tenor Ukulele: Tenor Ukuleles are considered best for fingerpicking due to their bigger frame and length. It's got a deeper sound compared to the soprano and the concert ukuleles.

4. Baritone: The biggest of the four traditional sizes, the baritone has a heavier and fuller sound and can sometimes be mistaken for a smaller guitar. It's got wider frets and a longer neck making it slightly easier to hold and more familiar to a traditional guitar.

2) Strings:

The Ukulele traditionally comes with a set of four strings. Ukulele strings are generally lighter in feel and easier to play, especially in comparison to steel string guitars as they are made out of nylon.
To go deeper in comparison, the guitar is a six string instrument and generally tuned to E,A,D,G,B,E. The Ukulele on the other hand has four strings and the smaller sizes are tuned in G,C,E,A and the baritone Ukulele strings are tuned as D,G,B,E. These things can be learned naturally by taking ukulele classes online.

3) Accessibility:

The uke probably is a more accessible and easier instrument to learn due to various reasons. Its strings are easier to play on and that eradicates the common fear of pain that people have while using a steel string guitar. The sizes of the frets and the finger-positioning of the chords also make it easier in comparison as it usually uses lesser notes and also the spacing between the fingers is less which means there is no need for an unnatural stretch. Where the uke lacks is the versatility and the range of a guitar but is still a real joy to hear nonetheless. The uke is also more affordable in nature and beats the guitar when it comes to being portable due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

4) Sound:

The sound that a Ukulele produces is a lot more mellow and gentle in nature due to its size and its strings. It is incredibly soothing to the ear and it has a real joyful tone to its sound.The tension on the strings are also lower than guitars and its smaller body produces less natural volume and reverb.
The guitar on the other hand is way more dynamic as it is bigger, has a fuller, heavier sound and has a wider range to its pitch due to its wider, longer fretboard. The choice of instrument depends upon one's taste in music, personal opinions on the sound and also their purpose for learning the instrument. What the ukulele lacks in versatility and dynamism it more than makes up for in accessibility.

Learning an instrument is a joy and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction one can get from music can rarely be replicated from anywhere else. No matter the choice of the instrument, music has the power to spread immense positivity and this is surely to be felt in your personal lives during your journey of learning an instrument.

The ukulele’s rise in mainstream media is a joy to see and more and more people should try out this joyful little instrument. A uke can be a truly mesmerizing instrument in the hands of a skilled ukulele player. Whatever the choice of instrument, it is the skill that matters most. At our online ukulele classes we can help you in your pursuit of learning the uke.  As a proverb states, “Where words fail, music speaks”, learning a ukulele can add a lot of happiness and joy to your life and also to the ones that listen to you play a song on it. Happy Learning!