What is The Difference Between Piano And Keyboard - Key Details

Although the identical layout of black and white keys in octaves might draw certain parallels between the piano and keyword, both of these instruments work in different ways which are equally delightful.

As we delve into the nuances of the two instruments, we aim to paint a holistic picture of the uniqueness of these instruments that add more rhythm and life to the world of music. First and foremost, the piano is a stringed instrument that is played percussively.

Every key produces mellifluous tunes that resonate within the body of the piano. On the other hand, the keyboard is a misnomer that has now become synonymous with digital or electronic pianos.

With its digital nature, the keyboard stands in need of electricity in order to produce sound by way of a synthesizer rather than by strings and hammers which makes it smaller and more cost-effective in nature.

At Furtados School of Music, we celebrate the beauty of music in everything that we do! We believe that good music has the power to bring out the best in each and every one of us, by giving us hope and encouragement in various ways.

Our piano and keyboard classes are a perfect opportunity for students to widen their artistic horizons by passionately engaging with music in the comfort of their own homes. Truly a blissful experience for every young learner, our piano and keyboard training gives them a taste of music that has a lasting impact on their lives. 

As we continue to explore the uniqueness of the two instruments, here are some of the major differences between the two: 

The Experience Of Playing: 

The keys of the piano are heavier and carry behind them the weight of the hammers. As you learn piano, the keys feel more seamless and organic, as your fingertips gently navigate through the keys highlighting the various dynamics of the piece.

On the other hand, the keyboard might lack the dynamics of the piano. For example, the loudness of the keyboard must be handled via a volume knob, rather than by pressure on the keys. Thus, the piano triumphs the keyboard when it comes to the dynamics and musicality of the instrument.

However, the keyboard being lighter than the piano keys, makes it easier for beginners to navigate through the instrument with more ease and precision, especially for a young learner who doesn’t have the right amount of dexterity. 

Longevity And Maintenance Of The Instrument: 

It is said that a piano can last for hundreds of years if they are handled with the right amount of care and patience. However, maintaining such instruments is not a piece of cake, one must make strenuous efforts in order to keep it safe from dampness and mold, thereby making it an expensive undertaking.

As time passes, minor repairs might prevent the piano from deteriorating. On the other hand, keyboards have a tendency to malfunction within a few years. However, if one invests in a premium model it has the potential to last for decades.

At the same time, these keyboards also require significantly less maintenance as compared to a piano. Without keys to tune and hammers to maintain, one must only invest in keeping the instrument clean and dry.  

The Price Difference Between The Two Instruments: 

Investing in a musical instrument has to be carried out after giving it much thought and consideration. It is not something that you can decide overnight. However, whenever you do so, it is essential that you take these points into account.

One of the major differences between the two is their monetary value. Various traditional pianos start in the low thousands and can range up to the price of a luxury car. On the other hand, digital keyboards are reasonable in nature, starting in the low hundreds.

One cannot afford to make a frivolous investment at such high stakes. Although the piano might seem far outside the budget of an amateur who is simply experimenting with their music, after building a certain level of expertise the piano will surely work wonders for them!

Thus, as you begin your musical journey by learning the Keyboard or the Piano tutorial, always remember to prioritize your own needs and passions as a musician.