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At Furtados School of Music we believe in the joys of learning music at a very young age that opens a child's mind to a world full of endless possibilities. Our drum courses are an ideal opportunity for every enthusiastic learner to stimulate their creativity and nurture their musical passions. The drum is a perfect instrument for every vibrant child who endeavors to embark on a musical journey. Our online drum classes not only expose young musicians to the striking allure of the drums but also plays a very important role in pushing the boundaries of creativity in their young impressionable minds. In the comfort of their home, students are introduced to a myriad artistic techniques and nuances within the instrument. It is a very rewarding experience for each and every one of our students, as it encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and explore a world replete with artistic wonders.

What makes our drum class unique?

  • We offer a wide range of Drum classes for kids that meet their learning requirements and provide them with a nuanced understanding of the drums that will surely enhance their learning pursuits.

  • Our online drum lessons will ease students into the basic fundamentals of the instrument. Students will be provided with the opportunity to learn under the guidance of experienced music educators who will mentor them in their journey of attaining artistic proficiency.

  • We offer a wide range of drum classes that include the beginner, intermediate as well as the advanced level that cater to everyone’s creative interests. Students can choose from these diversified courses and fulfill their learning pursuits. 

  • All our drum courses are structured around the needs and requirements of our students. Every course has its own individual benefits that will elevate their learning experience.

Children and Adults from the ages of 8-75 years can enroll in our online drum courses that will provide them with an enriching learning experience. Our students can pick a course best suited for them and even customize it further as per their convenience. Our world-class music curriculum rendered through our expert instructors will broaden their creative horizons along with transforming them into confident learners. Students will be provided with a platform to refine their artistic skills which will add more depth to their performances. Our courses ensure that every child engages in optimal learning of the drum, so that students can pursue their dreams and aspirations within the realm of music.