Online Music Production Classes

music production courses in india
music production courses in india


Ages 14+
Total session : 24
Class by - Furtados School of Music

Amplify the music within you with our Music Production Course as you bring the sound of music to life by creating your own tunes using Sonic PI software. The music production course aims at preparing students for the world of making electronic music. It will give you the confidence to start out and make music using technology. With the use of the BandLab App, this course will take you through the journey of understanding the fundamentals of music production, both theoretically and practically. 

Furtados School of Music is the one-stop destination for the ultimate musical experience! Our course in music production is one of the most stimulating and creatively enriching courses that are conducted by our incredibly talented and resourceful music teachers. At FSM Buddy, we aspire to simplify your music learning journey by creating courses to suit your needs.  

What Makes Our Music Production Course Unique?

  • Our music production courses are designed around the creative needs and requirements of every passionate learner. Students are provided with an immersive experience that allows them to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of music production in an authentic manner. 

  • Our music production online course aims towards elevating the learning experiences of all our students in the comfort of their own homes. We believe that music can be learned and practiced anywhere if one is enthusiastic about learning!  

  • This course is designed to introduce absolute beginners to start their journey of making electronic music, understanding music theory, learning something, and finishing their tracks on DAWs/ Music Production Softwares. 

  • It helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of all the fundamentals of music production along with giving them an opportunity to hone their skills in a stimulating and interactive environment. 

As students passionately engage with their learnings, they will gain an elaborate understanding of different aspects of audio mixing, music composition, and music theory. Our electronic music production course entails interactive sessions with experienced music educators, who share their wealth of experiences with our learners. They will evolve into exceptional musicians with a flair for creativity that will enhance their performances. 

What does a music producer do?
How will our music production online course benefit an amateur learner?
Which software is taught in the music production course?
What Skills should an Aspiring Music Producer have?
How must one prepare before class to make the most of the course in music production?