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Drums Workshop with ARON NYIRO

Drums Workshop with ARON NYIRO

Ages 5+
Total session : 1
Class by - Furtados School of Music

Art has always been recognized as a vital part of academia that ensures a well-rounded education. The emphasis on the need for a blend between fine arts and academics paves the way to a healthier learning environment. At Furtados School of Music, we promote creativity and innovative thinking among young learners by providing them with a fun learning experience. By weaving arts into the academic curriculum not only do we make learning fun but also boost academic performance and creativity among students. Through the medium of Learn Buddy, we endeavour to bridge the gap between learning and music by creating enriching experiences for our students. We provide them with unique learning propositions which begins to reflect upon their academic achievements, as they grow into unique individuals. We resort to a number of creative techniques in order to provide ample opportunities for personal growth and development among students and at the same time teaches students ways of making the process an enjoyable experience. If you want to know more about ways of making studying interesting, our course is the ideal fit for you.


What is unique about our course?

  • We offer a wide range of courses which successfully intertwines the art of music which various academic pursuits like history, science and maths. Students can choose from these diversified courses and fulfil their creative passions.

  • We provide students with a platform to experiment with their learning process by ensuring academic excellence through the medium of art that promotes a holistic learning experience.

  • The opportunity to learn from dynamic and talented artists will help them in nurturing their creative abilities as they begin to formulate a better understanding of their desired subjects and begin to excel at them.

  • All our courses will be structured around the needs and requirements of our students which will help them in shaping their own individual learning experiences.

Not only students will be able to study with fun learning styles but also begin to thrive in a competitive environment. Children from the ages of 7-18 years, can enrol in our courses which will enhance their own personal growth and well-being by providing them with a rewarding experience. It will give them an outlet for creative expression which will enable them to creatively express their ideas and thoughts through the medium of art. Thus, integrating art in the realm of academia, makes learning come alive even in the most challenging situations by tapping into the different creative abilities of our students.

How are your art & academic courses structured?
How does the blend between art and academics impact a young learner?
How will a student benefit from this course?
How will the course affect my learning abilities?
Your course is targeted towards which age group?
Why is it important to include arts in the realm of academic development?