Why should you take online music classes to learn Carnatic music?

Why should you take online music classes to learn Carnatic music?

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Being one of the most popular genres of Indian classical music, Carnatic music has become a source of inspiration for every musically inclined individual. Globally acclaimed for its soulful ragas, Carnatic music has cast a spell on its audience by leaving them in a state of meditative trance that has a soothing effect on each and every one of its listeners. Truly a significant form of art that speaks volumes about the cultural essence of Indian society, Carnatic music classes have played a vital role in sharing the joy of learning classical music with every aspiring learner. 

At Furtados School of Music, we aspire to cherish every aspect of our Indian traditions and values by extending learning opportunities in the realm of classical music. Our Carnatic vocal classes are an integral part of our music curriculum, as we aim to nurture the artistic sensibilities of our students and encourage them to chase their dreams and aspirations in a highly stimulating environment. We look forward to fueling their creativity along with keeping alive their passion for music during these challenging times. As we evolve as a modern society, preserving our cultural heritage has indeed become the need of the hour! And what better way to hold on to our traditional values, than immersing ourselves in the world of Carnatic music. 

Online Carnatic music lessons have made it possible for each and every musician to embrace their artistic vision from any corner of the world. Whether you are an amateur musician or a professional vocalist, we believe that learning has no limits and technology has truly played an essential role in bridging spatial as well as geographical barriers for every passionate learner. Thus making it possible for everyone to benefit from this mode of learning, that deviates from conventional standards and allows individuals to explore a wide range of possibilities in the comfort of their own home.

Truly challenging and exciting at the same time, our online learning platforms have reversed the ways in which education is perceived by the masses. 


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