05 reasons why you should hone your childs creative writing skills

At FSM Buddy, we always keep stressing the importance of nurturing the creative side of your kids. Be it drawing, dancing, instrument learning, dramatics or even singing, we encourage caregivers to take active interest in developing the creative skills of their kids. One such skill is the art of Creative Writing for Kids.


Yes, we know! Unlike the other art forms, this one is seldom opted for but let us tell you how this skill alone can help your child in many ways. 

Creative writing skills help:

Boost their Imagination

When your child engages in creative writing, it opens a whole new world for them. By exercising their creative minds, they can come up with various new things. This also helps them tackle problems and easily come up with various alternative solutions to come out of it.

Better Process Difficult Situations

We are sure that you will agree with us that the world our little ones are living in is far more stressful than the one from our childhood. It becomes all the more necessary to provide them with tools to better process the difficult situations that they may face in life. Engaging in expressive writing daily helps process one’s thoughts and also stay calm.

Improves Self Expression by tapping into inner self

As mentioned above, writing helps one process the clutter of thoughts that run in the mind. This proves to be highly beneficial for kids who have difficulty expressing themselves properly. Creative writing gives them a safe place to express their emotions and most importantly their inner selves and then emote what they are feeling.


Enhances Academic Performance

We know there might be some raised eyebrows after reading this point but trust us Writing does improve the Academic Performance of kids. Writing helps develop the logical function of the brain which in turn aids in understanding mathematical and scientific concepts. Needless to say it also improves vocabulary and understanding of languages.

Prepares them to be a better Adult

Creative writing requires a fair amount of planning, organising of thoughts and executing what was thought of. Isn’t that what we adults often do? It is safe to say that honing this skill will definitely prepare your child to be a better adult.


If you are with us till here then we are sure you too agree that writing is an important creative skill to possess for kids. And we believe that you can following these simple tips to help your child be a better writer:


  • Seek Help of Writing Prompts - You can begin by giving them a few writing prompts.
    For example: You can give them topics to write on, help them with certain words that they can use in their writing or even suggest a character or two for reference.

  • Give them ample time to be creative with their writing - Don’t rush them to write their masterpiece. Figure out the best time during the day for them to sit and write and give them the right environment to work.

  • Enrol them for classes - And if it seems difficult to nurture your child’s creative writing skill then you can always enroll them for online learning courses that will help them master the skill like FSM Buddy’s Essay Writing Made Easy and The Shakespeare in You.


We hope this motivates you to encourage your child to write more and if you know a tip to improve writing skills of kids then do let us know in the comments section below.