How To Be The Singing Pro without Even Leaving Home

So let’s assume you want to learn how to sing better but don’t know where to start. The music business has plenty of room for hard-working singers; from career vocalists to songwriters, vocal coaches, and stage performers. Making a living from singing may not be as much of a pipedream as you first thought.


As with any skill, the more you practice, the more proficient you will become. If you want to become an accomplished singer, you need to practice every day and have to invest a little something along the way. Unless you have the knowledge, creativity, and equipment at home, you will need to bring in some outside help for things like recording your singing. Luckily for you, here at Furtado’s School of Music, we have just what you need.

Many aspiring singers take weekly vocal lessons. Then gradually neglect to practice the exercises that were given to them. The main issue here is that you forget the good and bad bits from the last practice. It’s good to remember the things you did during the last session so you build upon those things so that you know where to focus on in the future. If you are practicing infrequently, it’s as good as beginning from square one each time.


It is important to practice using proper techniques. Spending countless hours practicing poor technique could be counterproductive and could possibly turn into a habit, which can be hard to undo. Training every day will ensure that when you sing, your vocal cords will be prepared.

Your voice is your instrument, and that instrument needs to be protected. Vocal exercises need to become a frequent part of your daily routine, and lemon honey drinks need to be your “go-to” drink of choice. There are lots of tips and techniques for looking after your singing voice, start working these healthy practices into your lifestyle.


Once you have decided that you want to become a professional singer, you need to work on becoming a great singer. Perfecting your voice is hard work and runs much deeper than talent. Perfecting your voice means investing time into getting great results. At home, you can practice your daily exercises, work on increasing your repertoire, improve your vocal range, and study superior singing methods by joining online singing classes. Practice your scales and octaves regularly.


Record yourself singing a piece that you find difficult or contrasting. By doing so you can pick out, analyze and focus on the mistakes you’ve made and master what you liked about them. By doing so you will not only be improving your voice but your hearing skills as well. If you want to boost your way to professional success, you need to discover a unique angle to promote yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a little diverse, to take risks, and to present yourself in a manner that makes you stand out.


If you want to take it even further in a shorter span of time, look for a good vocal coach who can work on your weak spots. A coach who will help you toughen your attitude when it comes to getting criticism of your singing. In other words, you need to be able to take it but not be crushed by it. Criticism, both good and bad, are common to those looking to become a professional singer. Confidence and a firm belief in yourself are key to becoming a great singer.


Becoming a good singer requires strong vocals, thick skin, and the determination to get to the top. But before all of that, you need to find your niche in the market. Prominent singers can be found across the board – from opera singers to hip hop artists, classical music experts, and pop bands. Knowing your niche will help you to target the market you want to shine in.

The best way to pick your singing niche is to choose a genre you love to sing and one that suits your vocal style. Knowing your vocal range and ability can help you when selecting the right genre. Choosing to join online vocal classes is also beneficial.


This is imperative when singing like a professional. To check this, play a song with a steady beat, and sing along with the melody. If you are on key, your voice will easily blend in with the music. If you are off-key, your voice will sound harsh and unpleasant. In addition, you can use a digital tuner to help you. When the tuner plays a note, sing the tone and match it to the best of your ability. The tuner indicates if you are singing too high or too low, and then adjust your pitch as needed. If your tone is off then your singing voice may sound sloppy and unprofessional.


You don’t have to spend your time waiting in the rush-hour traffic to get to your lessons nor wait till you get home to practice what you have just learned. Time and again, the long drive to your music class destroys your zeal and enthusiasm for it, attending class with little or no energy. Now from the comfort of your home, you can schedule an online singing class in your free time and prepare yourself better for the class. After the class, you can continue with the exercises and lessons to retain them better. You save time, save yourself from mental exhaustion, and fuel money.


It may sound like a worn-out cliché; but if you truly want to achieve your dream of being a professional singer, you need to give it your all. In the music industry, it’s easy to feel dejected. That path is full of disappointment, competition, and rejection.

Keep in mind that practically everyone who has ever made it big in the music industry had to walk the same demanding path learning how to become a singer. They have shed their own blood, sweat, and tears to achieve the enhanced ability and recognition that finally came their way. Confronting your fears head-on, staying optimistic, persistently working on your singing voice, and having determination every step of the way will do much more for you than simple raw talent, so foster your skills.

You can save time and expand your productivity in a day, and find extra skills to acquire in your time. In conclusion, music should be pleasurable and adored by you. Put your mind to it but also, don’t fail to enjoy what you play because in the finale that should be your goal. Learn, play, and have fun.

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