Online Drum Lessons - Learn This Fun Instrument With Ease

Has your child finally discovered their interests and passion for music for the first time ever? Your initial steps towards their interests play a very important role in shaping their love and enthusiasm to embrace new learning opportunities along the way.

Many recent studies indicate that eight out of ten children have a strong yearning for learning musical instrument. By exposing young minds to the fine art of music, your child will harbour a lifelong love for music and at the same time hone their creative talents and aspirations from the very beginning.

It opens various possibilities for them at a later stage in life, as they grow into well-rounded individuals with a fervent desire to succeed in all their learning endeavours. 

With a legacy of 150 years in the music industry, Furtados School of Music is one of the best music schools on the globe that envisions a bright future for every passionate musician. As we work towards creating accessible learning opportunities for every student, we aim to sow seeds of creativity and innovative thinking among every artist, as we push the boundaries of creativity from a very young age.

We truly believe that every child is capable of soaring great heights by winning accolades that speak for their musical calibre. Our online drum classes are a perfect opportunity for every child, as they explore the grandiose world of music in the comfort of their own homes. Truly once in a lifetime opportunity for every child, that pushes them out of their comfort zones and encourages them to fully embrace their musical aspirations. 

Here is how a child can learn the drums with great ease through our online drum classes: 

A Well-Rounded Pedagogical Approach: 

At Furtados School of Music, we promote a well-rounded pedagogical approach through our online drum lessons by encouraging our learners to actively participate in the teaching and learning process. We believe that there is more to learning than simply absorbing theoretical knowledge from your mentors.

While we also provide our students with a strong theoretical foundation for all their online drumming lessons, we also engage in creative discourse that provokes them to creatively express themselves through their music which leads to a holistic learning experience. 

An Enriching and Fun Learning Environment:

Our students actively engage in various creative activities and discussions pertaining to different styles and genres of music which plays a very important role in broadening their creative horizons. By immersing themselves in a stimulating environment, students thoroughly benefit from their online drumming lessons that strengthen their love and passion for music.

Our community of experienced drummers introduces our students to a world full of rhythm and melody which leaves their hearts feeling content and at the same time enriching their minds with musical knowledge. Students grow into free-spirited drummers with a refined skill set. 

Fosters Community Spirit: 

It is true that children learn to build meaningful relationships with their peers and mentors by passionately interacting with them. By adopting a collaborative teaching approach, we aim towards fostering a community spirit among children that is significant to their overall growth and development.

According to a survey conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), it is estimated that when schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to display more interest in learning as they are provided with a sense of belonging that helps them build a stronger identity as a musician. 

Thus, by focusing on various aspects of their lives, we provide students with a rewarding learning experience that ignites a lifelong love for music.