What is the significance of Classical Music for Kids?

Early exposure to music is a must have for young children and babies. Different genres at different ages will help kids develop a unique taste in music and even mold their persona. But have you ever wondered why classical music is held as most important? Whether we talk about Indian classical music or western, Carnatic or Hindustani, the principle remains the same. Learning Classical music and listening to it can help your kids in more ways than one.

Why classical music?
Classical music is art in its purest form. It finds its roots in old culture of the past and proved formative for music as an artform. Classical music provides a well structured approach to listening with sequences of repeating notes and musical phrases. This sense of structure and rhythm provides a uniformity in the development of a child’s thinking. It isn’t just about finding a way to make your child smarter, but learning how the music works that has its effect on children.

Babies listen to us speak, and learn to speak themselves, right? Similarly, when they’re exposed to a set pattern of soothing music in a positive light, their capacity to understand it and reciprocate to the feelings increases. 

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Development through Classical Music:
Everyone knows that turning on some music is a great way to unwind after a long day. It’s similar with kids too. Whether they’re babies, toddlers or just at the age when they begin to figure out their likes and dislikes, music is a great way to bring positivity and peace into their lives. 

The relaxing and soothing nature of classical music helps kids relieve stress and help them focus on the music. When kids focus on the rhythm and flow of the music, they tend to become more cognizant and can recognize patterns. These recognition of patterns can help better develop language, reading, writing, memory and even time management skills as they grow. 

Additionally classical music helps kids sleep better, helps improve their mental health and approach to trying new things and generally adds a positive cheer to their lives.

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Start Early with Classical Music:
As it goes with every activity or art-form, learning takes mastery. Start your kids off with learning to listen and play classical music at an early age. This is way more beneficial from a developmental standpoint. Apart from classical music being significant as a historical art-form, it can be brought into the lives of your children to add to their skills. It may be considered a dead art-form, but the evidence says otherwise. 

There are many channels to learn classical music online. Pick and choose an instrument that suits your kids interest and encourage them to learn it wholeheartedly. The best way to get them enthused about it is to introduce them to music that’s easy to understand, maybe with just one or two instruments. Pick something without vocals at first and is simple, with a variety of repeating patterns and similar sounds. Once your kids get an idea of repeating sounds add flair by diversifying the instruments.

It isn’t as challenging as you think it is. However, starting kids off with classical music at an early age is far more beneficial than starting off later in life. The early significance of classical music has a greater effect on a child’s cognizance, persona, and behavior and is a long-lasting change you would want to see as a parent.