Boost Your Career In Our Legendary Classical Indian Music

The beauty of Indian classical music echoes in every corner of the country, as it vividly portrays the rich cultural heritage of India. Every musical note and rhythm perfectly encapsulates the glorious traditions and cultures of our diverse nation.

At Furtados School of Music, we embrace diversity in every aspect of our courses, as it brings in new perspectives in our lives. By welcoming cultural diversity through our classical Indian singing classes, we aspire to expand our cultural horizons and explore a world full of endless possibilities.

Right from our Hindustani music classes to our Carnatic music classes, different forms of Indian classical music have grown to be the heart and soul of our rich cultural heritage. Its youthful buoyancy and artistic richness add to the cultural spirit of India.

It captures the ethos of our country with every distinct musical note that leaves a lasting impression in our minds and hearts. This noble art isn’t something that can be easily perfected, it requires years of rigorous training and an unwavering commitment to excellence, in order for an artist to define their true calibre.

Along with efficient training, one also must bow down in obeisance to their gurus, who significantly contribute to their growth as a performer. Truly a rewarding experience for every passionate artist, it is something that stays with them forever, and continues to mould their ways of perceiving the world around them. 

If you are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to learn Hindustani music, you have come to the right place! Our Hindustani music classes create a nurturing learning environment that caters to all of your learning needs along with ensuring a fun-filled and engaging interaction with your mentors! Here is how our students can boost their careers by perfecting the art of Indian classical music;

Begin Learning At An Early Age:

As young learners, students readily absorb knowledge from their surroundings. They are more welcoming towards different cultures and traditions, which creates a sense of awareness among them, at a very young age.

Truly a blessing for every child, they learn to appreciate culture and traditions and do not shy away from expressing their diverse thoughts and ideas. These pre-conceived notions, begin to reflect in their personalities at a later stage in their lives.

As they grow into exceptional performers, they also showcase their passion for culture through their music, which adds more beauty to their art. A rewarding learning experience for every young impressionable mind, students begin to develop a strong vocal range at a very early stage, which helps them in identifying their pitch.

Along with its technical learning benefits, the art of classical music learning also allows students to broaden their musical horizons, along with forming a strong foundation at an early stage in their lives. 

Learn Under The Guidance Of Maestros: 

Furtados School of Music provides students with an opportunity to train under the guidance of experienced performers and vocalists, who provide students with a strong foundation in classical music learning.

Along with rigorous vocal training, students are also encouraged to listen and observe the performance styles and techniques of various musicians and vocalists, which helps them craft their own distinctive style of performing.

It gives them the opportunity to experiment with different styles and genres of classical music, before specializing in one particular style. It adds more versatility to their learning experiences, which makes way for creative growth and development in different areas of their lives.

Encourages Students To Participate In Various Performances:

Students are presented with an opportunity to form their own individual identity, once they break through the barriers of self-doubt and anxiousness that hamper their journey. Through our music courses, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the adrenaline rush that comes with stage performances.

As they perform in front of a large audience, it boosts their confidence and prepares them for much bigger performances. It ensures more ease and comfort in their outward demeanour, as their years of rigorous training begin to positively impact their performances.

Thus, a strong inclination towards classical music interwoven with efficient music training opens doors of opportunity for every classical performer.