Easy Steps To Start Learning Carnatic Music For Beginners

Carnatic ragas have a soothing effect on every classical vocalist that surrounds them with a meditative ambiance. Truly a phenomenal aspect of our Indian heritage, it evokes the essence of our Indian culture and traditions as it imparts profound knowledge in every rhythmic beat.

Its soulful symphonies reek of the origins of South India, which can be traced back to the early 18th century. It carries along with it centuries of ancient wisdom that has found its place in modern society and continues to adapt with its times.

At Furtados School of Music, we aspire to uphold the essence of Indian culture and its distinctive traditions, by providing students with an opportunity to witness the spirit of Indian classical music come to life.

Our Hindustani music classes as well as our Carnatic music classes online, aspire to bridge the gap between culture and modernity by bringing to life old age traditions that have left an indelible mark on our society.

Every nook and corner of the world gains inspiration from a particular culture that shapes the individual experiences of the people that seek solace in its permanency. It is something that we can always look back on, and reminisce about till our hearts are filled with content. 

As we continue to embrace modernity in every aspect of our lives, it is our traditions and our culture that help us stay grounded. Carnatic vocal classes online have been instrumental in preserving the cultural ethos of our community, by allowing us to bask in its soulful essence and assimilate its beauty in our mundane lives.

Right from Aruna Sairam to Nithyasree Mahadevan, maestros in the realm of Carnatic music have continued to uphold the uniqueness of Carnatic vocals, by crafting delightful ragas that have a lasting impact on our minds. 

Here are some easy steps for beginners, as they passionately begin with learning Carnatic music in the comfort of their home; 

An Unwavering Commitment To Your Art:

Carnatic music is layered with profound ragas which creates soulful symphonies, but at the same time enhances its complexity. It isn’t something that you can grasp overnight or in a matter of minutes, it requires an unwavering commitment and a firm dedication to your aspirations.

Continuous practice will help you build on what you’ve already learned, thereby allowing you to explore more advanced ragas in a short period of time. By passionately engaging in your Carnatic music classes online, students will be able to develop a strong grip on the tempo of the music. 

This will enable them to adjust their vocals at different speeds and further expand their vocal range. It will provide them with artistic finesse to effortlessly navigate through distinct swaras with music ease and precision.

As they continue to dedicate themselves to the art of perfection, students will acquire the ability to sustain on a single Swara for a longer duration of time, which will add more depth to their performance.

Following The Footsteps Of Your Guru:

Within the fabric of Carnatic Music, the guru-shishya traditions hold utmost importance. The guru is considered to be the vessel of everlasting knowledge, that molds the minds and ways of thinking of their students by providing them with an insight into the rich cultural grandeur of Indian classical music.

It is through the guru that a child experiences a creative awakening and continues to grow into refined vocalists under their presence. Truly a rewarding journey, that will strengthen their passion and sculpt their individual learning experiences.

Learn From Your Shortcomings:

The road to success isn’t an easy one. Throughout your classical learning journey, you will come across various roadblocks that will weigh you down. But by fostering a fervent spirit of optimism and courage, we will be able to overcome your obstacles and thrive in a stimulating environment that will help you advance in your journey.

Thus, by introducing students to the rich repertoire of Carnatic music, we aspire to broaden their worldview by giving them a taste of their culture. We envision inspiring the next generation of artists and musicians by nurturing their creative abilities.

By our modern teaching methods, we seek to accentuate their learning experiences by providing them with a lifelong journey of creative fulfillment.